How Global Warming Harms Your Health...

Most Americans understand the basic ways that global warming is damaging our planet. They recognize that warmer temperatures mean bigger storms, longer droughts, and higher sea levels, but they don't realize the ways that climate change impacts their personal health.

According to a new study from Yale University, sixty percent of Americans have given “little or no thought” to the health consequences of global warming. summarized that recent study, and explained that only one out of every 10 people gave this issue a “great deal” of thought.

To make matters worse, the fact that many are not thinking about these issues means that they don't even know what health impacts are caused or worsened by global warming. Only 14 percent of those surveyed by Yale researchers were able to correctly name asthma as one health problem effected by climate change, and fewer than 5 percent of people were able to name anything else.

Most people have no idea that smog and air pollution contributes to lung disease, or that food and water-born illnesses become more common in warmer temperatures. Many Americans are unaware that ticks and other insects spread disease more rapidly in hotter climates, or that heat strokes and injuries become more common with heat waves and super storms.

These are only a few of the ways that rising temperatures already impact our health, but too many of us have no idea that these issues are linked to the destruction of our planet. The Yale researchers said, “Public health actions, especially preparedness and prevention, can do much to protect people from some impacts of climate change.”

Fighting for our environment isn't only about saving the future of our species; it's about protecting our health right now. Perhaps if people understood how they are personally being effected by global warming, they'd be more involved in the fight to protect our planet.


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stecoop01 8 years 13 weeks ago

One thing global warming has done is raise the average global humidty, by about 2% over the last few years. Higher humidty can cause respiratory problems for animals and humans; and increase the growth rates for molds and fungii. As someone who is allergic to mold, I've experienced the effects of higher humidty and mold growths, with more and severer bouts of bronchitis. My employer had a cat that was having respiratory problems as well; turns out, it, too, was allergic to mold. Poor kitty, it didn't survive.

Global warming suks!

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PaulHosse 8 years 13 weeks ago

I think the monied elites have been more successful than not in their efforts to publically discredit those who support climate change, or at the very least, to create enough doubt in the mind of the public that there isn't sufficent pressure being brought to bear to make any real change. Facts matter little in today's political world---be the economy, foreign policy, or climate change. What matters is preception and who is able to convince the public to buy into its version.

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VJacobi 8 years 13 weeks ago

THANK YOU THOM and everyone who is facing the very real threats of Climate Disruption and taking action. for helpful tips.

2602SE28thPl. 8 years 13 weeks ago

Astute and important observations. For many years, have lived close to Richmond, CA -- a home of a huge Chevron Oil refinery for much of the past 100 years. The incidence of respiratory disease in Richmond is dramatically higher than in many other portions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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agelbert 8 years 13 weeks ago

I just want to voice this Christmas Wish for people OF Good Will.

Are you depressed by what the predatory greedballs that are ruining the biosphere have done and continue planning to do? Is your, logical and rational, evidence based fear that these powerful Homo SAPS are hell bent on their suicidal predation causing you to feel dejected and sad?

You aren't alone. And because there are a LOT more of us than there are of THEM, never lose faith that we-the-people of Good Will shall prevail.

Graphic to cheer you up:

"Peace on Earth to men OF Good Will" graphic:

Merry Christmas!

Spread the cheer to people OF Good Will, pass the graphics on.


Renewable Energy PROVEN to be CHEAPER than Fossil Fuels and other facts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy

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Stella Jane 8 years 13 weeks ago

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LaurieBethKay 8 years 13 weeks ago

The most important documentary of the year is "Cowspiracy." It begins and ends every conversation about our precious environment. There is no point in enumerating the symptoms of an unhealthy environment when the cause is so obvious.

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ckrob 8 years 13 weeks ago

The legal corporate mandate to maximize profit can be rephrased as 'extract as much as possible from the physical/social environment.' The long term result of this behavior by all corporations is an inevitable collapse of the environment and, of course, the capitalist economic system. Stated briefly, the corporate system, when uncontrolled, will self-destruct taking all else with it.

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