We need less offshore drilling... not more!

While environmental groups work tirelessly to end offshore oil drilling, the Obama Administration proposes opening up new areas along our coastline to fossil fuel extraction.

Last week, President Obama released his five-year plan for offshore drilling, which includes a proposal for more drilling off our Atlantic Coast. Although this plan would provide new protections for a few environmentally sensitive areas near Alaska, it would open a new section of the continental shelf that stretches from Georgia to Virginia. That area has been off-limits to oil drilling for three decades partly because of the potential havoc a spill in that region could have on our environment and our economy.

According to EcoWatch.com, the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster affected more than 1,000 miles of coastline. If a similar spill was to occur off our Atlantic coast, it would wash up on shores from Savannah to Boston.

And, despite the massive devastation caused by that blowout in the Gulf, very little has changed in the form of government regulation. According to Elizabeth Birnbaum, who oversaw government regulation of the offshore drilling industry back in 2010, the Obama administration hasn't even implemented most of the safety recommendations made by their own experts.

Ms. Birnbaum said that she “would never have imagined so little action would be taken to prevent something like [the BP disaster] from happening again.” And, that certainly means that no one could have imagined that we would expand drilling before implementing more regulations.

The fact is, there is no such thing as safe offshore drilling, and no such thing as a good way to burn fossil fuels. There is no upside to increasing oil drilling off our coastlines, but there is a whole lot of risk.

It's great that President Obama wants to protect more of the Arctic, but that doesn't excuse putting our Atlantic coastline at risk for the next drilling-related disaster.


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mathboy 8 years 18 weeks ago

Nice work, Shane-o.

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mathboy 8 years 18 weeks ago

It's a mistake to think that everyone in Africa looks the same. The part north of the Sahara has never been populated by black people.

Likewise, not all Asians are "Asian". Nominal continental boundaries do not define races.

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mathboy 8 years 18 weeks ago

The most important thing might be to make sure adults get vaccinated, so that they can't infect newborns that are still too young to get vaccinated themselves.

PFNELKAK 8 years 18 weeks ago

I think you are on the wrong website. Try

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ezwriter 8 years 18 weeks ago

Okay let's see! Fossil fuels are polluting the planet beyond recognition. The disease caused by their use is causing huge increases in insurance and medical costs. And alternative energy methods have been bought off or stonewalled by fossil fuel moguls. Does anyone think this is a coincidence? Wake up, people unite, and demand change, or our kids will pay the consequences.

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Mark J. Saulys 8 years 18 weeks ago
Quote mathboy:

It's a mistake to think that everyone in Africa looks the same. The part north of the Sahara has never been populated by black people.

That's not true. Ancient Egypt had many black inhabitants and many black pharoes, so much so that many anthropological historians consider it a black civilization - predating all other civilizations.

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Mark J. Saulys 8 years 18 weeks ago

Some environmentalists think it's better to drill here in the the United States rather than elsewhwere andoff of our coasts rather than others'. There are here a few regulations protecting the environment whereas in many other places there are none.

Of course, if we let them drill here they'll drill in both places. Better just leave it in the ground.

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RFord 8 years 18 weeks ago

I've heard that there's plenty of oil and that there's no chance of running out in the foreseeable future. I've also heard that if we keep burning oil like there ain't no tommorow there ain't gonna be no tomorrow. It shows how desperate the search for oil is when oil drilling platforms float like a boat and stay in place with big "trolling motors" using GPS to stay in the same spot while sending drill bits a mile through the water under the floating platform to the ocean floor to start drilling another 1/2 mile under the ocean floor to get to the oil and then pump the oil a mile up through a pipe that's running up through the water to the floating platform. Doesn't that sound risky and desperate if not just plain insane? What could go wrong? Why do this? Shouldn't we abandon this insanity, shift our transmissions into high gear and head full speed toward alternative clean green energy? Are we nuts for continuing with deep water drilling or are there among us some very greedy people, unconcerned about future generations, telling us that this is nessesary?

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mathboy 8 years 18 weeks ago

The black ancient Egyptians were further south, not north of the Sahara. Modern Egypt is not the same territory as ancient Egypt.

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ragingdemo 8 years 18 weeks ago

Dear Thom. As difficult as it is for me to sit through your program with my ceiling left intact I do from time to time get overcome with the feeling that I've just got to say something , while I hope by now it's become painfully obvious that the Petroleum cartel together with out dearly beloved and oh so "honorable" banking cartel friend's care little if at all as to the overall health of the people or the planet it's almost as if they must really think they have another one waiting for them when they are done looting plundering & pillaging humanity . But what I find truly astounding is the level of either blissful ignorance or plain blind ignorance from the very people who everyday profess there worldly intellect on the TV set all across this nation , the very people WE look to for honest "REAL" observant reporting . One would think by now the "terrorism" term used millions of time's a day would have long ago been disected and opened up to the world and seen finally for what it's always been by some good old time gumshoe "observant" news reporter, but it hasn't so we are forced to wade through this disgraceful sham just to get to 5 minutes of what's acktually going on in the political world as if they have any power at all . Oh and Thom one would have to be in a mental coma to suggest kerosene dropped nearly a 1/4 mile of skyscraper into it's basement in 56 minutes . Even the most blind of fool knows enough to FOLLOW THE CASH ...Read body language watch Larry the Mouth Silverstien shoot himself directly in the foot on national TV , so while WE little people can't get down the street without a seatbelt on it seem's Wall Street can some how loot the nation and NOBODY see's a thing ... Go Figure Thom ...Go figure...

Esteleen's picture
Esteleen 8 years 18 weeks ago

Gas is cheap! President Obama should be swinging from the provervial chandelier!

Scream no regulation changes from 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster!

We do not need the Pipeline!

Our economy will grow and create jobs in a new industry! Americans come together and use our resources...... Wind, Solar, Biothermal etc...

We can put our attention to boosting our economy instead of this stupid pipeline.

Thank you

upperrnaz12348's picture
upperrnaz12348 8 years 18 weeks ago

I still don't get this "oil rush". From my sources, and they are not the major media, I read that, for instance, coal production is down in most countries, and in China of all places a region known for coal production that had four hundred mines is down to seventy, and . . . they are replacing it with renewable sources. What that tells me is that even "if" they use oil, it will likely be more of a backup source of energy, rather than a staple source of energy.

So much for China, but in the States, if the solar, and the hybrids catch on, as well as the bio-fuels, too, what is the point of drilling for more oil. The Dutch model is clear enough, where they have been replacing the oil they "import" by wind power from the North Sea. Can't see why wind power can't be used off of that Atlantic Coast, as the Dutch "farm" for their energy needs along the North Sea.

Then too, if the price is going down, where is the profit. Asssuming the American economy is not doing as well, and the average incomes are "less", how many cars, how many anythings will need as much the level of energy that requires all that fossil fuel?

Already, in the UK, there are "redundacies" aka layoffs on the off shore North Sea oil rigs. Yeah, the demand for fossil fuels is less. The trend it seems in major industrialized nations, perhaps including the United States of America is towards alternatives. Figure the Southwest with it abundance of sun, that solar battery powered cars might make sense enough for enough people, at least in the major urban concentrations that . . . Texas and Oklahoma fossil fuels might be less essential for getting around, even in Texas and Oklahoma, perhaps.

Indeed, maybe there might be layoffs of the personnel at oil fields in those states. Who knows. That Obama promotes these projects doesn't make sense to me, but so much of what the current president promots doesn't appeal to me anyway.

When I read about what is going on, from where I sit, I don't know whether to cry to shrug my shoulders.

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oneworldatpeace 8 years 17 weeks ago

The best reason for not drilling is that EVERY WELL LEAKS! THERE IS NO WAY TO SEAL THE WELLHEAD ! Drilling underwater makes it worse! But there are thousands of abandoned wells all over the old oil States that are not sealed at all and provide methane to the atmosphere and in some case's have seeped oil into aquifers1


and they all know it and don't care!

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