Daily Topics - Thursday March 26th, 2015

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In for Thom today...please welcome progressive talkers Danielle & Shane-O

Hour One: Net neutrality...the fight continues - Timothy Karr, Free Press

Hour Two: Why you really need to care about ag-gag laws - Josh Balk, Humane Society of the United States

Hour Three: Turning up the heat on TPP Fast Track... Melinda St. Louis, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch


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mathboy 9 years 17 weeks ago

To answer Danielle's question, I don't think the telecommunication companies are afraid of net neutrality, they've obviously survived with it all this time. I think they just want to be able to do one thing and get paid for two; charging both websites and end users for letting the two sides meet.

I follow my Republican senator on Facebook (so I can explain reality to him in small words), and some right-wing commenter there said my analogy of a toll booth charging not just the cars, but also local businesses, was "so old" and that even extreme left-wingers don't try to pass it off anymore. However, he didn't say where I was wrong. So, anyone here in ThomLand, please let me know if my way of explaining net neutrality is flawed.

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mathboy 9 years 17 weeks ago

Danielle means that information is cached, not cacheted.

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