Right-to-work-for-LESS is about MORE than unions!

Last week, the thirty-year war on unions scored another victory, and Wisconsin became the 25th right-to-work-for-LESS state in our country. In addition to being bad news for unions in one more state, that new law has broad social and political implications as well.

Thanks to Governor Scott Walker, half of our nation has enacted laws that make it harder for workers to stand up to corporate power, and harder for families to bring home a living wage. And, if Republicans have their way, there will be even more right-to-work-for-LESS states in the very near future.

Anti-union legislation is currently being considered in Missouri, Indiana, and Nevada, and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner unilaterally dealt a blow to public unions in his state. And, don't forget about the anti-worker laws that took effect in Michigan, Ohio, and other states over the past few years.

Three decades of Reaganomics have paved the way for this new era of anti-union policies, and We, The People will be left dealing with the political, economic, and social effects.

Over the last century, labor unions gave us the power to take on the corporate elite and implement landmark legislation on everything from child labor laws to voting rights. By standing together, workers were able to demand fair wages and safe working conditions, and they were able to help people they believed in get elected.

But, about three decades ago, Republican lawmakers decided to stand with corporations instead of people, and they began dismantling nearly 100 years of progress. That attack on labor translated into stagnant wages, the loss of voting rights, and the rise of corporate power. And, if we don't fight back, it could be another 100 years before we return to progress.

These lawmakers have proven that they won't listen, and that they don't care what the American people think. It's time to form new unions, even in Right-to-work-for-LESS states, and to use the power of the people to take back our country from the corporate elite once and for all.

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