The TPP is rigged to benefit the rich!

How do corporate lobbyists get around Congress when their billionaire masters want to destroy regulations that protect workers, our environment, and keep jobs here in the United States?

Easy. They simply prevent Congress from debating and voting on such protections by attaching them to a massive trade deal and then pressuring them to “fast track” that deal's approval. As if we didn't have enough reasons to be against the Trans Pacific Partnership – aka SHAFTA – now we have to fight that deal's international rules which would further rig the system for the one percent.

Apparently the corporate elite aren't satisfied with the pro-business, anti-worker legislation that Republicans in Congress have already enacted. The billionaires want to go further, and they don't even want their congressional lapdogs to tinker around the edges - much less allow opponents to make meaningful amendments.

The TPP is being negotiated in secret, and the American public is being kept in the dark about what it contains. But, as Katrina vanden Heuvel explained last week in the Washington Post, “500 corporations and banks sit on advisory committees with access to various chapters.”

In other words, we're not allowed to see the deal that could undermine our nation's economy, but the corporate elite get to negotiate the details. SHAFTA supporters claim "there's nothing to see here!" - because they've had such a great track record of operating in the public interest.

In reality, the Trans Pacific Partnership threatens American jobs, American sovereignty, and the little that remains the American middle class. This massive trade deal poses a serious threat to our nation, and we must do everything in our power to make sure that it does not become reality.

Call Congress and tell them to say “No” to “Fast Track” authority and tell President Obama to say “No” to SHAFTA once and for all.


winterglas's picture
winterglas 9 years 10 weeks ago

I think the whole idea of the TPP is bad....the corpulation of the world is the intended effect of it, and similar trade deals....I think we should outlaw corporations entirely, and have a single person liable for each company.

Phil Bittle's picture
Phil Bittle 9 years 10 weeks ago

Move along. Nothing to see here, Folks. Just another chapter out of the best selling novel: THE HISTORY OF PHONY DEMOCKRACY IN THE U. S.

Phil Bittle

Phil Bittle's picture
Phil Bittle 9 years 10 weeks ago




DHBranski's picture
DHBranski 9 years 10 weeks ago

For me, the big mystery is why much of the media marketed to libs (perhaps most notably, MSNBC) will rail against the TPP one day, then the next day try to sell Hillary Clinton to run against VP Joe Biden for the 2016 nomination. Clinton had worked long and hard at promoting the TPP before deciding to play candidate-maybe. That makes sense, of course, since Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, but it doesn't make sense that so much of this media support the solid neoliberal Clinton.

liz banker 9 years 10 weeks ago

Thom, have you written on any occasion to President Obama and let him know of your concern regarding the TPP. And if so, did President Obama ever reply to you? How about Hillary? Why hasn't she spoken, tweeted, youtube'd her position on the TPP, XL Pipeline, etc.? Watch The Ed Show, from today's broadcast, to hear the real answer:


If Senator Warren is voicing concern again on the Transpacific Partnership, the Middle Class, etc., perhaps Senator Warren should try throwing her hat in the 2016 presidential ring if the Senator is truly CONCERNED. At this point in time, speaking out only goes so far..... maybe Senator Warren wouldn't say to the kind of not so subtle advice from Camp Hillary; that of, advising Senator Warren NOT to run in 2016 because that ENTITLEMENT goes to Hillary. My guess; Hillary is still crafting her acceptance speech that will sound populist enough to co-opt the Left, the Progressives, and other DINOs, however, also enough for her corporate supporters to read between the lines in her stump speeches and personal appearance, and thusly, when she tries to put her hand on the bible and take the presidential oath in 2017. Maybe instead, Hillary should be putting her hand on Bill's little black book of private phone numbers.

Will Hillary Clinton mention any of the above when she supposedly announces her presidential run this coming Sunday, April 12, 2015, as is currently being now reported, aka…. BREAKING NEWS (NOT)

delster's picture
delster 9 years 10 weeks ago

This is thinly desguised mask of the American Chin Dynasty. Careful and not so careful manipulation of what the 1% consider livestock management. We being the livestock and the Elite being the God appointed overseers. As a native Oregonian I can see daily the erosion of careful landuse laws, and developers and realtors are jumping out of their skin to try and turn Oregon into a high density region without regard for anything. Where are the jobs, the water, the resources ? Oregon is only good for so much. This is the bubble and how it's created and it's no accident. After the bubble and the upside down mortgages, what then? Austerity follows and I personally believe this time they are after retirement pention funds. A lot of money just sittin around waiting to be sacked by someone. So the plan as I see it is austerty for all, nothing but minimum wage part time employment for a few, sack retirement pension finds, eliminate medicare and social security, forclose on everyones property, and we have a total complete dictatorship with slavery. Add in technology and artificial intelligence eliminating competition from pesky biological life forms and we just may have to be exterminated like vermin.

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 9 years 10 weeks ago

If there's a recession that means there are too many of us for the purposes of the 1% so then some of us need to die off.

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 9 years 10 weeks ago

When are we gonna wake up?
"To Serve Humanity" is a cookbook!

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 9 years 10 weeks ago

We are those people in "The Time Machine" movie obeisiantly marching to the cave entrance when the air raid sirens come on.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 9 years 10 weeks ago

"But when a long train of abuses: such as free trade agreements, and usurpations: presidential election frauds, pursuing invariably the same object: money and power, evinces a design to reduce us: we the people, under absolute Oligarchy, it is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such government, and to provide Democratic Socialism for our future security." ....mostly Thomas Jefferson!

Robert Reich: " The TPP is a Trojan horse in a global race to the bottom, giving big corporations and Wall Street banks a way to eliminate any and all laws and regulations that get in the way of their profits.".....don't fast track a train wreck!

DougH 9 years 10 weeks ago

As a 35 year Teamster, I am against the TPP just like I was against NAFTA. Why is it these trade deals seem to happen under Democractic administrations?

Jerome Swift's picture
Jerome Swift 9 years 10 weeks ago

This thing is ridiculous. I wrote to my senators & my house guy. I hope to god this thing gets shut down. The biggest problem is that they got everyone fired up about Indiana & were trying to slip this thing by us. Thank you Thom.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 9 years 10 weeks ago

Mark, the Eloi are the sheep-like people heading mindlessly to be eaten by the Morlocks.

w1ders's picture
w1ders 9 years 10 weeks ago

Every where I turn the system is rigged to break me. I don't know what it is like to live with nothing but have an idea I will find out soon, like many before me.

w1ders's picture
w1ders 9 years 10 weeks ago

Refering to your limited resources, is that why people with out of state plates are treated so rudely? Just wondering.

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 9 years 10 weeks ago

Doug H, Bill Clinton privatised more than any other president. Ronald Reagan made peace with the Soviets with the START treaty. Democrats can get away with doing conservative things more than Republicans can and vice versa because people so don't expect it that they often don't even notice.

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