Should cities have the right to raise wages or implement sick leave?

The same party that screams about government overreach doesn't have a problem with stepping on cities' autonomy to write their own laws.

Last week, Rick Snyder's Republicans in Michigan passed a bill that blocks cities from raising wages or implementing paid sick leave.

According to the text of the legislation, “the regulation of the employment relationship between a nonpublic employer and its employees is a matter of state concern.”

However, Rick Snyder and his cronies are not concerned about whether or not workers in their state can survive on wages or take a day off when they're sick.

They're only concerned about whether or not their buddies in big business have to miss out on one cent of possible profit.

And, to make matters worse, Michigan is the 12th state to enact laws that prevent cities from raising their minimum wage or mandating paid sick leave.

It's bad enough that the United States Congress can't get their act together to help workers, but it's absurd that cities and towns should be blocked from stepping in when our national lawmakers fail.

Governor Snyder and his buddies should block this law, and the other 11 states should remove similar legislation from their books.

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