Seditious McCarthy Shouldn’t be Speaker

The scramble is on for who’s going to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, and one man has emerged as the clear frontrunner: California congressman Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy is currently the House Majority Leader and thus the second ranking Republican in Congress after Boehner - he is very much part of the GOP establishment.

He also has deep ties to the Tea Party movement, which could help him unify a very, very divided party.

But even if McCarthy does become the next Speaker of the House, that doesn’t mean Congress is suddenly going to start governing the country again -- far from it.

If McCarthy becomes Speaker, that’ll just mean more of the same Republican lies and obstruction, especially when it comes to things like the Benghazi investigation, which McCarthy himself now admits was always about sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Amazing, right?

The guy who now wants to be two heartbeats away from the presidency admits to wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in a purely political conspiracy to bring down a former Secretary of State.

That alone should disqualify Kevin McCarthy from being the next Speaker of the House.

But here’s the thing, the Benghazi conspiracy is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kevin McCarthy.

It’s nothing compared to the part he played -- and continues to play -- in the Caucus Room Conspiracy, that began 7 years ago this January.

On January 20, 2009 - a night when the Obamas were dancing at inaugural balls - a group of Republicans were planning the end of the Obama presidency before it even got going.

At the Caucus Room restaurant right here in Washington, DC, they drew up a plan to intentionally sabotage Obama at every point possible.

On the guest list for this “invitation only” meeting were Republican Senators like Jim DeMint, Jon Kyl, Tom Coburn, John Ensign and Bob Corker.

Also in attendance were Congressmen Paul Ryan, Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Eric Cantor, and -- you guessed it -- Kevin McCarthy.

Over the course of four hours, this group of powerful conservative lawmakers committed to a plan of action.

They promised each other that they would filibuster and obstruct any and all legislation supported by the new President, Barack Obama.

They would do everything possible, for as long as it took, to make his a "failed presidency.”

Newt Gingrich, who was also there at the Caucus Room, admitted to me a few years later that Republicans were actually intentionally trying to sabotage the Obama administration.

The Founding Fathers had a word for this kind of politics.

They called it sedition, and since no one else is saying it, I will: anyone who participates in this kind of sedition shouldn’t be Speaker of the House.

The Speaker gets to decide which legislation does and doesn’t come up for a vote.

He or she also becomes our commander-in-chief if both the President and Vice President die.

A powerful position like that is too important to hand over to someone like Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy has shown with his role in the Benghazi AND Caucus Room conspiracies that he’s willing to bring down our nation’s elected leaders if doing so helps out his party, the Republican Party.

He has repeatedly put party above country - the very definition, according to James Madison, of the "factions" that Madison warned us against in Federalist Number 10.

McCarthy has no business being two heartbeats away from the White House.

So if Republicans care about actually governing the country to the benefit of all Americans and not just the billionaire class, they’ll choose someone else as the next Speaker.

But the odds are they'll put in McCarthy, because they’re just as seditious as the man who now wants to lead Congress.


brown3740's picture
brown3740 7 years 25 weeks ago

One thing you could say about House Majority Leader (and the presumptive next Speaker) Kevin McCarthy, is that he just comes right out and says what the GOP real goals are. Regarding the endless rounds of Benghazi hearings, he said yesterday that Hillary’s dropping poll numbers are evidence of the “effectiveness” of the hearings. In other words, getting at the truth of the matter was never the goal. Swift-Boating Hillary was. We knew all this already, of course, but to have the top GOP guy boast about it on national TV is breathtaking.

Michael Brown

Portland Oregon

Strong Vincent's picture
Strong Vincent 7 years 25 weeks ago

Are they stupid enough to think that they can harm Obama and not at the same time harm the country? Or do they not care about that because they're not too fond of our country's government if they're not running it anyway? So what then do you call intentionally harming the people's government, by calculated Congressional gridlock, for example?

What do you call it when the Supreme Court and a major political party conspire to deprive citizens of the right to vote, while allowing a flood of anonymous megabucks to influence our political system? Is it just misfeasance to use a House committee for partisan political purposes? These evil genius' are corrupting the government at every turn and they're not going to stop, and their base keeps them in offfice. In the pay of their donors, apparently job number one is to ruin the people's government however they can.

charlieaa 7 years 25 weeks ago

Let us not forget that McCarthy was hand-picked by Bill Thomas - the (real) major power in the House for years (same district, Bakersfield, and was my Congresscritter for a few years until they redistricted!) The inner sanctum of the rethugs' elite level (redundant?) and their billionaires have obviously, and accordingly, hand-picked KM for Speaker AND an eventual run for POTUS. Just watch. He represents/shills for - not only monster agri-business but the myriad of associated exploitive corporate extortions that defraud and poison the population. Include Koch Industries, pesticides (oil++), . . . But, let us take heart: the t-partiers and other knuckle-draggers might just blow the whole plan up.

Thanks again, Thom. Keep it coming.

stopgap's picture
stopgap 7 years 25 weeks ago

For a party that claims to oppose Public Campaign Financing; no party in the history of the United States has become more adept at it than the Republican party over the last 25 years. Wasting 100s of millions dollars, wether it be the Clinton Impeachment, Whitewater, Acorn and Planned Parenthood investigations, Obamacare votes,Benghazi, Shirley Sherrod and so on; these are noting more than public financed political campaigns for the Republican party. And they have accomplished nothing more than feeding red meat to their fanatical base and trying to stain the brand of the Democratic party. And all at the cost of 100s of millions of taxpayer dollars as just admitted by Kevin McCarthy.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 7 years 25 weeks ago

The Benghazi and Hillary Email distractions continually make the news, while the Caucus Room Conspiracy is known by relatively few. No revelation here, the Fascists control the message. In addition you'll never hear Democrats like Wasserman Schultz bring up the subject of the Caucus Room Conspiracy on a Sunday show, they're all too busy playing timid defense.

The Caucus Room Conspiracy is one of the biggest political scandals since Watergate, and the we hate the President plot is to this day being carried out to completion. The end result is all collateral damage, "We the People," are taking the hit..... Obama is doing just fine.

Without a doubt, McCarthy and the other scoundrels involved would have been tarred and feathered 240 years ago!

douglaslee's picture
douglaslee 7 years 25 weeks ago

KM wants boots on the ground in Syria, a lot of them. Morn Joe mentioned the one And I think KM is whom. So war with Assad, Isil, Russia, and Iran are a given, Israel will want some action too. Saranjevo replay? Turkey and Nato vs Greece (also Nato) vs drones. Saudi's Sunnis (behind 9/11, Isil, and alQaeda w/Turkey's complicity) vs Iran's and Assad's Shiites w/Russia's assist. Lebanon is 25% refugees and been abused by Israel (who hasn't been?)

RLTOWNSLEY's picture
RLTOWNSLEY 7 years 25 weeks ago

Wonder if this McCarty is any relation to Joe McCarthy, R Wisconsin, who in the early 1950s started a witch hunt to weed out those Americans who had freely chosen to join the Communist and Socialist Parties during the Great Depression, their right via our Constitution ? Due to a total lack of response by a Conservative government to take any meaningful action to help jobless Americans find any work, the membership in these two parties ballooned and gained great political power that eventually forced the wealthy sector of this country to finance FDR's New Deal.

In the early fifties, McCarthy actually stood up in Congress and demanded that a Loyalty Oath be created and signed by all Americans, Fascism was taking root in this country.

We were saved by the Free Press of that period who went after McCarthy and crushed his political career and all his authoritarian goals. Unfortunately we no longer have a Free Press in place to save us this time !

w1ders's picture
w1ders 7 years 25 weeks ago

So sedition it is. Why in hell does no one do anything? With a country full of wimps it is no wonder the mess America is in. Americans had better unite behind Senator Sanders or welcome a fascist state. And as one candidate has said, this is how Hitler got his start. Meaning, as he stated, if no one speaks out against what is going on it will continue to get worse. If Americans don't stand up......violent protests or whatever it takes we must take our country back. Senator Sanders would like to do it the peaceful way but what if that does not work? We all want peace but not to the point of giving everything up. And that is exactly what is going on. Thank you Thom, you spell it out daily. Some are listening, but enough?

mathboy's picture
mathboy 7 years 25 weeks ago

I asked (via Facebook) both my representative (Mike Coffman) and the nearest House Democrat (Diana DeGette) to call for an ethics investigation of McCarthy.

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