We must keep Walker away from the White House!

Scott Walker doesn't just want to wage war on unions, he wants to destroy the agency in charge of protecting workers' rights.

According to a plan released by Walker's presidential campaign, the Wisconsin governor wants to create a national right-to-work law and eliminate the National Labor Relations Board.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Walker said that if he gets elected, he would reverse President Obama's recent executive order that requires federal contractors to provide paid sick leave. And, he pledged to end the policy that allows some low-level salary workers to receive overtime pay.

Most of us view these proposals as an out-right assault on workers' rights, but Scott Walker says they're only part of his effort to “take on the big-government union bosses in Washington.”

These proposals are even more extreme than the measures that Walker implemented in his home state of Wisconsin, where the middle class has been shrinking faster than any other state in our nation.

Just in case you didn't already have a reason, these policies are exactly why we must keep Scott Walker far away from the White House.

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