Imagine 100 million more refugees...

If we don't strengthen our fight against climate change, 100 million more people may be pushed into extreme poverty within the next 15 years.

That's Oxfam International's response to a stunning, new report by the World Bank. That analysis is called “Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty,” and it is the first to consider how global warming will be felt at a household level.

In other words, the researchers considered how heat waves, floods, droughts, and public health issues will impact poor people, rather than simply considering how nations as a whole will deal with such problems.

The report explained, “Poor people and poor countries are exposed and vulnerable to all types of climate-related shocks – natural disasters that destroy assets and livelihoods; waterborne diseases and pests that become more prevalent during heat waves, floods, or droughts; crop failure from reduced rainfall; and spikes in food prices that follow extreme weather events.”

While those who can afford to withstand these events will be able to adapt to climate change, those who don't have the means to move or pay higher food prices may suddenly find themselves in a desperate situation.

In order to reduce these risks, and help more people survive on our warming planet, Oxfam and the World Bank insist that we must reduce poverty as we ramp up our climate fight.

They call for “rapid, inclusive, and climate-informed development” to help people cope with short-term climate change, and “pro-poor mitigation policies” to limit the long-term impact.

A senior economist at the World Bank said, “The report demonstrates that ending poverty and fighting climate change cannot be done in isolation – the two will be much more easily achieved if they are addressed together.”

The fact is, we can no longer look at the climate fight and the effort to end inequality as two separate issues. If we want our species to survive, we better get to work and deal with both.


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donna ford 7 years 2 weeks ago

isis info PLEASE read

www . justice . gov/opa/ file/769556 /download

I have spaced this website so you will have to type it into your browswer w/o spaces.

Seems Bibi is up to no good????

What do you think?

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mathboy 7 years 2 weeks ago

What exactly was the point of the spaces, donna?

What's wrong with this?

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Hephaestus 7 years 2 weeks ago

Paranoid... the desired effect of these loons

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donna ford 7 years 2 weeks ago

Not sure if it would post up, many sites don't.

Sorry for any hassle

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donna ford 7 years 2 weeks ago

"paranoid and a loon"

what a nice person you are...not

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2950-10K 7 years 2 weeks ago

"If we don't strengthen our fight against climate change, one hundred million more people may be pushed into extreme poverty within the next 15 years."

This while a few Fascist global warmers like the Kochs gain extreme wealth!!!!

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mathboy 7 years 2 weeks ago

Oh, okay, donna. No hassle. I just didn't know if you were going for some sort of effect or something. I misinterpreted "so" as indicating purpose, rather than logical consequence.

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