Will SHAFTA undo our Internet victories?

Since the text has been released, the Trans Pacific Partnership has been widely criticized as a disaster for public health, small business, workers' rights, and the environment.

But, according to Evan Greer of The Guardian, “perhaps the biggest concern is over the impact that [the TPP] will have on the internet.” That's because the final version of the deal has the potential to limit the ways we can access information and express ourselves online.

For starters, the TPP would force all member nations to expand our broken copyright system and allow corporations to censor content by claiming violations. Although our First Amendment protects so-called “fair use” - those important protections are not included in the deal. And, this is only one of the ways the deal threatens our free and open internet.

The Trans Pacific Partnership also poses a serious threat to journalists and whistleblowers by demanding harsh criminal penalties for anyone who dares to share corporate secrets “through a computer network.”

And, if you think we can simply pass our own laws to protect against these threats, think again, because the ISDS will make that virtually impossible. That's the nickname for the Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions, which will allow foreign corporations to sue our government for any law that interferes with their unfettered profits.

Just like our environment, our labor laws, and our small business protections, the Trans Pacific Partnership will devastate our right to a free and open internet.

We've successfully blocked SOPA and PIPA and stood up for net neutrality, but all of that will mean nothing if our lawmakers approve the TPP.

Let's call Congress today – and every day – until they stand up for our workers, our environment, and our internet, and reject the Trans Pacific Partnership once and for all.


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ChristopehrCurrie 8 years 31 weeks ago

The “Deadliest Man on Earth”

The TPP/TTIP/TiSA “trade agreement” initiatives were initiated by the Obama Administration (while Hillary was Secretary of State), so if implemented, the responsibility for the dreadful consequences of those so-called “trade agreements” (which are actually TREATIES that would require a two-thirds majority approval in the US Senate in order to be CONSTITUTIONALLY implemented) rests squarely on President Obama’s “head.”

Obama’s dishonestly promoted “trade agreements” will grant a new authority to greedy multinational corporations (and investors) to SUE all three levels of our government for alleged “losses of future expected profits” resulting from laws, regulations, or court decisions made by that government. Those Obama-authorized lawsuits would be adjudicated in corporately run multinational tribunals that can change the criteria for awarding damages whenever they choose to do so, and the taxpayers in the targeted level of government will be forced to pay the multi-million-dollar or billion-dollar fines levied by those tribunals. This means that corporate profitability will become the sole criterion for the continued existence of ALL or our laws and social safety-net programs. If implemented, it will just a be matter of time until such Obama-authorized lawsuits will bring an end to our Social Security Program, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamp program, welfare programs, labor union protections, minimum wage laws, food safety laws, etc. The same will happen to all of the other countries that “sign up” to those so-called “trade agreements.”

So, if implemented, President Obama’s so-called “trade agreements” will impoverish and/or KILL hundreds of millions of people worldwide (including a majority of US citizens) thereby giving President Obama the legacy of being the “Deadliest Man on Earth” so far in this century!

Christopher C. Currie, Pascoag, RI (Feel free to publish this)

Instant-RunOff-... 8 years 31 weeks ago

I can readily see that the suppression of internet freedom will be the cornerstone of the TPP, which as stated many times has little to do with trade, it is mostly about increasing the reach, power and domination of the Globalist corporate dictatorship.

Too much "anti-government activity" on the internet. Sure ISP's will be ordered to blockade "undesirables" from using the internet. Claim that "copyrighted material" was downloaded. A crime which every internet user will be guilty of, but only critics of our corrupt fascist governments will be blocked.

No doubt, increased "anti-terrorism" legislation will also be used to silence dissent. Very convenient how our corrupt Western governments seems to be doing everything in their power to destabilize the Middle East and create a giant terrorist playground there. And use that excuse to further erode our rights and freedoms.

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