Would "Democracy Vouchers" make a difference?

Seattle is proving to be the birthplace of new, progressive policies. Last year, that city was the first in our nation to pass a $15 minimum wage.

Last week, they were the first to pass a new public campaign finance initiative to put democracy back into the hands of voters.

The so-called “Honest Elections” initiative not only strengthens campaign finance restrictions in Seattle, it will give every registered voter there $100 dollars of “democracy vouchers” to support their favorite candidates as well.

This proposal is aimed at getting more people to participate in local elections and an effort to weaken the power of big money in our democracy. However, the plan is not without its possible faults.

Critics worry that candidates can opt to use the public financing system, which will make them eligible to receive vouchers, but still get the benefits of big donors with the help of Super PACs.

Thankfully, Seattle voters have proven time and time again that they're savvy enough to identify candidates who cheat the system. It will be up to them to test the “Democracy Voucher” system and determine if it can become an effective way to take our election back from the billionaires.

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