Climate denial in text books??

California school children are being taught with misleading textbooks. According to a recent article in the Guardian Newspaper, the science books used by sixth-graders in that state express doubt about whether climate change is real.

That article summarized a Stanford University study, which analyzed four different science textbooks and found that they “framed climate change as uncertain in the scientific community – both about whether it is occurring as well as about its human-causation.”

In fact, one of the books actually claims that climate change “could have some positive effects.” Despite the fact that there is virtually no debate on whether climate change is occurring, all of these books use conditional words like “may”, “might”, or “could” when discussing the climate.

One of the authors of the Stanford study, KC Busch, said, “Saying that 'if temperatures go up, climate change could occur' is completely misleading.” She added, “We don't want children to be brainwashed; we just need to be clear about what scientists know and what they are uncertain of.”

Students' educations should not depend on political ideology, and it's time to get the climate science denial out of our education system.

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