Florida cops are taking tons of people's property!

The ACLU wants Florida cops to stop seizing people's personal property. In a recent press release, the civil rights group is calling on the Florida Legislature to address that state's out-of-control civil asset forfeiture practices.

According to a stunning new report from the Florida Legislature Office of Program policy Analysis and Government Accountability, only 16% of individuals ever challenge an asset seizure, and only about 1 percent ever get the benefit of a full trial before their possessions are taken.

In fact, there are so many asset forfeitures that the sale of them accounts for more than 2 percent of police agencies operating budget. As bad as these facts are, these statistics could be masking an even larger problem because it is voluntary for Florida police departments to report civil asset forfeitures – and half didn't bother to participate in the recent study.

The ACLU said, “Now that OPPAGA's report has documented how often Florida's police agencies are seizing personal property, it is time for the legislature, which commissioned the report, to take action to bring an end to abuse of the system.”

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