Spokane, WA says 'Stay Home When You're Sick.'

For more than a year, President Obama has been calling on Congress to pass legislation to guarantee all workers can take time off when they're sick.

Since our legislators show no signs of moving forward with that, Spokane, Washington is refusing to wait any longer. Last week, that city broke in the New Year by passing their own sick-leave legislation.

The new measure will require small businesses to give workers the chance to earn three paid days off every year, and employees at larger businesses will be able to earn five. Although that may not seem like much, a few days can make a world of difference to someone who can't afford to stay home without pay when they're not well.

With the addition of Spokane's new law, there are now 28 cities in our nation that guarantee paid sick time, but that leaves a long, long way to go.

We are the only developed nation that doesn't give all workers the right to stay home when they're sick. Call Congress today and tell them to take a cue from Spokane and end this embarrassing statistic once and for all.

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