Flint isn't the only city Snyder screwed up!

Flint isn't the only city in Michigan with problems. Detroit is dealing with their own disasters, one of which is the condition of their public schools.

And, the major issues at those schools have a direct connection with Flint's water crisis – they are ruled by the same emergency manger, Darnell Earley, who was appointed by Governor Rick Snyder.

For the last several weeks, teachers at Detroit Public Schools have been protesting conditions like broken plumbing, rotten cafeteria food, and even dead rodents by holding “sick-outs” that force schools to be closed.

Although the school district attempted to get a restraining order to block the protests, the Michigan Court of Claims denied that request. School sanitation and food safety shouldn't require teachers to protest to be addressed, but Rick Snyder's little dictator cares more about dollars than he does about student safety.

The people of Flint had to fight hard to be heard, and it looks like the teachers of Detroit have learned from Flint's fight for clean water.

If Snyder and his cronies want to run Michigan into the ground, they will have to do so under a national spotlight.

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