The Power of Plants!

It now appears plants do much more than add color to a room. According to a number of studies, having plants around could benefit your health.

A 15-year longitudinal study found that women who lived in greener spaces live longer than their plantless counterparts: Those who live in the greenest neighborhoods were 34 percent less likely to die of respiratory disease and 13 percent less likely to die of cancer.

Researchers believe that, beyond the air filtration plants provide, their existence offers people a reason to get out and exercise and socialize, two habits that contribute to healthy living. Other research has discovered that the greener your neighborhood, the more attractive your home is.

A study conducted in Philadelphia made it clear - increasing urban vegetation will a boost a home’s property value by 2 percent. Also important - some studies have looked at the impact of greenery on crime.

It appears adding vegetation to vacant lots was associated with reductions in certain crime as well as gun violence. Go green - it works.

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