Are Students To Blame For The Growing Debt Crisis?

John Olen is writing at and asking - are college grads really at fault for massive student loan debt?

He writes that it’s clear to almost all Americans, including our elected leaders, that the student loan debt issue is getting worse and worse.

More loans are going into default as graduating students have a difficult time paying off debts because they can’t find jobs.

Many Conservatives argue that if you took the loan, you have to pay it back, even if it’s hard to pay it back - because there aren’t any good paying jobs anymore.

Olen uses the example of Columbus, Ohio which once was a great city known for its amazing job opportunities.

Flash forward to present day and now the city’s poor and nearly poor population has risen 50 percent between 2000 and 2013.

So - Are our children responsible for student debt when conservatives have ruined the economy?

Maybe they should send an invoice for the their debt to every conservative congressperson….

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