Nano Plastics In Our Fish... Oh My…

Nano plastics are seriously harming the ocean! It now appears that plastics account for nearly eighty per cent of all waste found in our oceans.

This plastic gradually breaks down into smaller and smaller particles - until they are microscopic or nano.

New research by Lund University in Sweden, looks into how nanosized plastic particles affect life in the ocean food chain.

Karin Mattsson with the study, "We tested how polystyrene plastic particles of different sizes, charge and surface affect the zooplankton Daphnia. It turned out that the size of the nanoparticles that were most toxic to the Daphnia in our study was 50 nanometers.”

Zooplankton like Daphnia are food for many other aquatic animals and researchers wanted to study the effect of plastic particles higher up in the food chain.

They discovered that fish that ate Daphnia containing nano plastics experienced a change in their predatory behaviour and had a poor appetite.

Researchers have also discovered that the nanoparticles have the ability to cross biological barriers, such as the intestinal wall and brain.

What this study does not go into is - then people eat the fish..oh my…


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stecoop01 6 years 51 weeks ago

It's mercury and DDT all over again...different substance, same problem (on a bigger scale!).

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John_mulkins123 6 years 51 weeks ago


The information, for those who have not already heard, is vital to get out, so thank you!

As for our fish stocks, my conclusion is that ALL large enterprises need to be democratized, IMMEDIATELY. Our government is enabling the worldwide destruction of our commons and destroying democratic processes everywhere. That is an ominous trend, and only we the people can change that.

If the current state of the world is unacceptable to you, then join me in this conversation. Voting for Bernie can make a difference, but beyond that, we need a national discussion about modernizing our constitution via the initiative and referendum process.

We are past the point of no return. Still, we owe it to civilization to organize ourselves to deal with what is coming as peacefully as possible. Representative democracy isn't our only option. We can demand and have, a form of direct democracy as well.

Like this:


IM Jussayin 6 years 51 weeks ago


I don't understand how this is supposed to work. Firstly it would probably be impossible to get even 10% of the votes needed for a majority, and even if that were to happen, what would we do with that majority? Who would enforce your new "Bill of Rights?"

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