Raising the D.C. minimum wage to $15 by 2020 would lift wages for 114,000 working people

A proposed ballot initiative would gradually raise Washington DC's minimum wage to $15 by mid-2020.

It would also help tipped workers, such as waiters and bartenders, eventually get paid the full minimum wage, instead of the $2.77 subminimum wage.

This proposal would raise wages for 114,000 working people—about 14 percent of all D.C. workers, and over one-fifth of D.C. private-sector workers.

Once the minimum wage reaches $15, the average affected worker would earn roughly $2,900 more each year than he or she does now.

The is not the stereotype of low-wage workers being teenagers working to earn spending money.

The ones who would benefit are overwhelmingly adult workers, and are supporting families of their own.

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