Eco-Certified Wines Taste Better

It's time for some good news…

It turns out that eco-friendly wines aren’t just better for the planet - they taste better, too!

As Science Daily reports - a new study out of UCLA and published in the Journal of Wine Economics looked at tens of thousands of California wines and found that:

On a standardized 100-point scale, eco-certified wines scored an average of 4.1 points higher. The standardized scale controlled for differences between the scoring systems -- for example, easy graders versus hard graders.

Why the taste advantage for eco-friendly wines?

Scientists aren't exactly sure - but they did notice a slight taste advantage of eco-friendly red wines over their white counterparts.

So pour yourself a glass of eco-safe wine and drink up - you're helping save the planet - and learning a thing or too about nice vino while you're at it!

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