State Of The Climate Report

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - or NOAA - has come out with its Annual State Of The Climate report - and things don’t look good for Planet Earth.

As the report explains - 2015 was a record-shattering year for the climate in all the worst possible ways.

Not only was it the hottest year ever - it also saw ocean temperatures and global sea levels rise to their highest level in recorded history.

And that’s just the beginning.

2015 also saw Arctic sea ice sink to its lowest extent ever - a net loss in Alpine glacier ice for the 36th straight year - and a sharp rise in the number of areas affected by drought.

If it wasn’t obvious before - it should be now.

Climate change is very - very real.

As world-renowned scientist Michael Mann told the Guardian, “The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. They are playing out before us, in real time. The 2015 numbers drive that home.”

You can say that again.

Let’s hope this is the wake-up call the world needs to stop global warming before it’s too late.

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