Hillary's Mental Health Agenda And Trump

Contrary to what you might think by watching cable news - Hillary Clinton is - in fact - running for president - and she's using the opportunity to put out same very detailed policy proposals.

Last week, for example, she unveiled her mental health agenda.

The purpose of this agenda - according to a statement Clinton released on her campaign's website - is to "finally [put] the treatment of mental health on par with that of physical health".

In order to do this - Clinton wants to:
- promote early diagnosis and intervention
- create a national initiative for suicide prevention
- and integrate our mental and physical healthcare systems.

She also wants to:
- boost community-based treatment
- train police officers in crisis intervention
- and place a greater emphasis on treatment over jail time for non-violent offenders.

Oh yeah - and Clinton ALSO wants to:
- enforce mental health parity "to the fullest extent of the law"
- improve access to housing and job opportunities
- and invest in brain and behavioral research.

Important stuff - but also very, very wonky stuff - which is probably why you didn't hear much about it on mainstream cable news.

CNN - MSNBC and Fox are all Trump all the time - and the traditional networks aren't much better.

There's a very simple reason for this: Trump is easy to cover. Unlike Clinton, he has zero substance whatsoever. I mean, it's not even clear what his stance is on immigration - one of the top two or three issues that helped make his campaign.

But what Trump *IS* good for is drama. He's a reality TV show guy - and he knows how to keep an audience glued. Cable news, of course, is happy to oblige.

Trump is good for ratings and, as I mentioned, much easier content than a wonky discussion of mental health policy.

Now whether or not this symbiosis between his substanceless, shock-driven campaign and the substanceless profit-driven media is actually good for Trump himself is open to debate.

If his slipping poll numbers are any indication - all the overexposure is starting to hurt him.

But it's also hurting Clinton.

All the nonstop coverage of Trump and his craziness takes away from the serious policy plans she's put forward.

Hate her - despise her - or disagree with her - she's at least a serious candidate.

That can't be said for Trump - and the media couldn't be happier.

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