When American Presidents Protect Foreign Governments...

If a blockbuster new report from Newsweek is any indication - a Donald Trump presidency would be one giant conflict of interest.

The problems stem from Trump's massive business empire - the Trump Organization.

According to journalist Kurt Eichenwald, who wrote the Newsweek piece, the company's "....[dealings] reach into so many countries that it is impossible to detail all the conflicts they present in a single issue of this magazine".

But here's the thing - as bad as Trump is - he's not the first American presidential candidate to have an unsavory relationship with a foreign government.

Both Bushes had deep financial ties to the Saudi royal family - and 15 years after 9/11 - some people still wonder whether those financial ties played a role in President George W. Bush's decision not to look too closely into a potential Saudi role in 9/11.

It was sketchy then - it's still sketchy now.

Which is why many people support a bill passed by Congress that would allow Americans to sue the Saudi government for the role it may have played in the 9/11 attacks.

They think a lawsuit could shed further light on the Bush-Saudi connection.

But do you know who doesn't support this bill?

President Obama.

He said he would veto it - because it "threatens American national security - and he did.

But is that really true?

Who's he trying to protect?

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