Why Are Police Raiding Voter Registration?

State police raiding the offices of a major voter registration group under suspicious premises and taking thousands of documents... it sounds like the kind of thing you'd expect in a tinpot dictatorship - but it's exactly what happened this week in Indiana.

As the Intercept reports, on Tuesday "Nearly a dozen police entered the Indianapolis offices of the Indiana Voter Registration Project (IVRP) with a search warrant and seized multiple computers, the personal cellphones of employees, and paperwork relating to the group's get-out-the-vote operations in the state."

Tuesday's raid came just a few weeks after Indiana authorities announced that they were investigating the IVRP after finding that least 10 of its registration forms were "forged" or contained "fictitious information."

This investigation has now spread to 9 counties across the state - even though voting rights experts say the issue that brought about the investigation - the supposedly "forged" or "fictious" registration forms - isn't really that big of an issue because fake voters don't actually - you know - vote.

So what's really going on here?

Is this "investigation" into the Indiana Voter Registration Project legitimate or is it a politically-motivated attempt to suppress the kind of get out the vote efforts that win elections?

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