The Big Trump Media Story: Bannon and a Crew of Dangerous Propagandists Are in the Cockpit of National Power

The corporate media is doing everything it can to normalize Trump; we can't let them.

Get ready for a media shitstorm.

Steve Bannon, Michael Savage and Alex Jones (among others) are now in the cockpit of national power, while the nation's major newspapers and television networks are doing their very best to "normalize" avowed bigot and fascist (using Mussolini's definition of the word) Donald Trump. Bannon is Trump's chief adviser. And as Salon reports, even the right-wing sympathists at AIPAC are "apoplectic" about Trump working with a man who as editor of the alt-right Breitbart "news" site called "conservative commentator Bill Kristol ... a 'renegade Jew' and Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum... 'a Polish, Jewish, American elitist scorned.' ...Bannon's ex-wife has even testified in court that Bannon has 'said he doesn't like Jews' and didn't want his children to go to school with Jews."

Bannon and company are some of the most talented practitioners of the dark arts of political propaganda in this country, and they all came together like beads of mercury under Trump's banner. It's essentially a Kristallnacht waiting to happen: the murder of a policeman by a black man or undocumented Hispanic, or a Muslim suicide bomber will fuel weeks of media melodrama in their hands as they continue to create an alternative reality for cable news while driving a policy agenda dictated by petro-billionaires.

Meanwhile, the TV networks (particularly cable "news") are drooling at the prospects of huge ratings, as good as they had covering/promoting Trump on the campaign trail, on the back of a freshly inked four-year 24/7 contract with America's top reality TV star. As CBS CEO Les Moonves said, "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS."

As I laid out in The Crash of 2016, Roger Ailes supported a proposal to his old boss Richard Nixon for "GOP TV" back in the 1970s. It failed for lack of funding. But not this time.

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