Is Comey's Sabotage Working?

One week before the election and four days after the FBI director revealed that his agency had come across a set of emails that may or may not be relevant to the Clinton email case, the race for the White House is suddenly, shockingly, close.

According to a new Washington Post/ABC News national tracking poll, Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton by one point 46 to 45 percent, which for all intents and purposes is a tie.

That's not even the worst of it as far as Democrats a concerned.

That same Washington Post/ABC News poll also showed that Trump voters are way more excited about their candidate than Clinton voters.

While 53 percent of likely Trump voters said they are "very enthusiastic" about Trump - just 43 of Clinton voters said the same about thing her.

This enthusiasm gap has grown significantly in the past week or so.

For now, at least, that ABC news poll is the only one that has Trump ahead or tied with Clinton at a national level, and aggregate polls still show the former Secretary of State with around a 5 point lead.

But things really are getting closer, especially in the swing states.

A new Elon University poll, for example, now shows a virtual tie between Clinton and Trump in North Carolina.

A new NBC News poll shows the same situation at play in Florida.

Obviously, Hillary Clinton still has a very good chance of winning this election, and these tightening poll numbers might just be the result of hardening partisanship 7 days before the conclusion of the nastiest presidential election in recent history.

But if the conspiracy theories are true and James Comey was trying to sabotage Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign -- or at least keep the election close enough for Republicans to keep the Senate -- it looks like he may have succeeded.


kokobell616's picture
kokobell616 6 years 20 weeks ago

It seems to me that if the emails in question had anything to do with the secretary's server they would have already been through them.

Old_Curmudgeon 6 years 20 weeks ago

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A Synopsis of the News

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The news reports volatility

fueled by Rightwing hostility

both pre-election

then after selection.

We’ll never again have docility.


Outback 6 years 20 weeks ago

This media "horse race" hype is about half of what's wrong with our election process. The other half has to do with the thundering stupidity of the American electorate; the fact that we can be driven off a cliff in an instant by that same media blitz. I'm genuinely ashamed for this country and what we've become.

amplefire 6 years 20 weeks ago

Where's the proof that Comey's announcement was politically motivated? Isn't it conceivable (and far more probable) that Hillary's trail of excrement is simply dogging her like a karmic boomerang? Is the FBI's work supposed to cease just because US elections drag on forever? You'd rather know about this AFTER the election? Really?

And why are the Wikileaks naturally assumed to be politically motivated? We defenders of truth, justice, democracy and free press PRAISE (not criticize) Wikileaks' hard work on behalf of we the people. We deserve to know. Our govt is made up of public servants working for all of us, which is easy to forget I know!

If the Russians have anything to do with the leaks, who cares? We hack them as well. Ever heard of the CIA and the NSA? That's what superpowers do. Why don't our agents simply release private emails from Putin to deter him? Oh wait, I know. Because U.S. govt can't find its way out of a wet paper bag! It can't hack into Russia's state of the art internal system that's apparently inpenatrable; only accessible by their own computers/hardware.

Think about it. Our Secretary of State uses her own private server while Russian officials guard their data like Fort Knox. And then WE complain about THEM?! Looking in the mirror has never been an American trait (apart from nacissistic vanity) and you don't need to look beyond this example for evidence of that... Hillary explemplifies all I find most distateful about that ilk of American: entitled, arrogant, with a sense of personal destiny that trumps what's best for other people. "This is HER time" we keep hearing. We the people will tell her if and when it's her damned time!! And thanks Hillary for kneecapping Bernie who had the heart, soul and enthusiam of a party you obviously cared less about than yourself.

I can't believe we're all supposed to believe the insane allegations from the Democrats and not demand they answer to all the wrongdoings we know they've done. Shame on them. They deserve to lose and hopefully will because how else will the corruption stop? When will we ever take back this country as long as we keep making excuses for these criminals? The Clinton Bank is also too big to fail, so it seems...

Thom, honest to God, you're a smart guy. Do you really think Donald is more unhinged than HIllary who called Putin "Hitler," is calling for a no fly zone in Syria, and never met a war she didn't like? Who laughed like a lunatic about killing Ghadafi? It's all right there in the public domain spewing out of her own mouth.

We all know about Trump's long list of issues, but we should all be holding HIllary to a FAR HIGHER LEVEL. I'd rather have a billionaire tax dodger in office (legal by all accounts) than a political shill who has built an empire out of insider quid pro quo. When the FBI is done with her, we might be defining them as "kickbacks," which are ilegal. Oh wait, by law she'll have immunity once president! Doh! Perhaps Comey is setting the table in advance for what he knows is coming after we all have voters remorse.

We're supposed to run out and reward that kind of behavior from a former First Lady and Secretary of State?

Robertcd's picture
Robertcd 6 years 20 weeks ago

Why ampflefire are you so bent ont this vilifiaction of Hillary over emails where no wrong doing has been proven at the same time just like the idiot Media ignore all the vile atcual criminal acts commited by Trump? Not to mention his ties with Russia? Child rape? 1000s of cases of outright fraud? A proven racists who has encouraged the most unhuman piles of refuse there are to come out and act like they now have a say in where our country should go? If Trump wins welcome to the Country of the KKK as the United States will cease to be.

cccccttttt 6 years 20 weeks ago

Comey had a reputation for calling them as he sees them.

6 monthes ago he angered the right and the left cheered.

This week he angers the left and the right cheers.

Appears to be a man trying to steer a course independent of the political backlash.


TarryFaster 6 years 20 weeks ago

Here is an article that I wrote back in April, right after April Fools day:

UNC Tarheels's picture
UNC Tarheels 6 years 20 weeks ago

If Hillary is elected millions of muslims will be allowed to enter the country w/o being vetted. Some of whom want to kill Americans because we choose to worship what God we choose. I don't know about you but this country was founded because the people wanted to escape religious persecution in England. So 240 years later we allow our country to be destroyed by a group of people bent on world domination.

Pastor_Thoth's picture
Pastor_Thoth 6 years 20 weeks ago

I don't believe Comey is part of any conspiracy. He's just trying to do what's right regardless of what any political party wants. I am willing to bet that Comey is no fan of and will not vote for Trump. Like Kasich, he may just vote for McCain. Similarly, I'm writing in Bernie Sanders.

I'm going to step out and say what I've been saying all along, Hillary is going to win Florida. Without Floriday, Trump has no chance.

By the way, if Hillary loses, oh well! We'll have a spectacle for a president, we'll still have a conservative Supreme Court, American society will keep floundering, Thom Hartman's economic crash will be more likely to happen, and Hillary's political career will be over. And, America will keep being America.

But...Hillary is going to win.

Carl Lee's picture
Carl Lee 6 years 20 weeks ago

The Clinton email situation is very easy to understand. The reason you can't understand it is that you've been gaslightied by Democratic party operatives like Thom (whose positions matched Trump's point-for-point four years ago).

Follow along. It's easy:

  • Clinton set up a private email server at her house, through which she and her staff sent classified documents.
  • This is federal felony.
  • She did this to hide evidence of corruption. Which is why the FBI subpeonaed the server.
  • When subpeoned it turned out her staff had deleted 60 thousand emails and wiped the the drives.
  • This is aslo a federal felony.
  • Comey admitted to congress these things happened. For whatever reason he didn't prosecute her, even though TWO felonies had clearly been comitted.
  • Now those deleted emails are available, on Weiner/Huma's home computer. This is why the FBI is reopening the investigation.

    That destroyed evidence has been rediscovered.

Comey has been in the Clinton's pocket for a long time. When she was secretary of state he was General Counsel for Lockheed Martin. LM wanted to sell planes to the Saudis, and needed State Department approval. She signed off, and the Saudis and LM made large donations to the Clinton foundation. Comey was a key player in that sweetheart deal.

Now he's director of the FBI. The last thing he wanted to do was indict her. But whatever they found in those formerly-lost emails is so bad that he feels he has to distance himself from her. And Obama is distancing himself too: he cancelled all his campagin activities.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 6 years 20 weeks ago

Comey's extreme right- wing propaganda release is working.....hey man, anybody that's gullible enough to fall for Fox News will buy right into Comey's third world election tactic.

I'll say it again, we need electoral assitance from the United Nations Peacekeeping group.

Instead of being the informative 4th branch of government it was meant to be, the Corpse media has become a weapon of right-wing misinformation. It's all out Fascism!

No way is Comey acting alone on this....he's been pressured by high powered Fascists who want Citzens United to remain as a major tool in the purchase of Teapublicans for the Senate and House. He'll get hacked sooner or later and we'll know the truth then.

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 6 years 20 weeks ago

Don't look for boogeymen, I'll repeat the real reason for Trump's success, as so well articulated by Michael Moore.

Also, the extent of the material, moral and spiritual damage by the HRC campaign.
HRC, the "death of the Left".

Neutrino's picture
Neutrino 6 years 20 weeks ago

I believe Comey is a white supremacist and I think there are a lot more in the FBI and other enforcement offices. HIs actions are about getting Trump elected.

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 6 years 20 weeks ago

Easy to surmise conspiracy theories.

Mark J. Saulys's picture
Mark J. Saulys 6 years 20 weeks ago

Easy to surmise conspiracy theories.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 6 years 20 weeks ago

Comey and those behind him have contributed to the very real possibility of a violent transition of power in the upcoming election. Trump has already lit the fire... and Comey has dumped gas on it. Why would the head of the FBI do this to our democracy?????

fleuryb's picture
fleuryb 6 years 20 weeks ago

I blame the Democratic establishment and the media for promoting a terrible presidential candidate over a more popular and qualified candidate, Bernie Sanders. If Trump is elected as a result, we will have the proof. There is nothing that a Donald Trump can do that is in any way more damaging than Bush did and whose policies were continued by Obama. Secretary Clinton says she wants to continue President Obama's policies. Those policies include fighting against free speech and privacy rights and escalating the state of perpetual war. She is a neoliberal who believes, like Obama, in austerity as a solution for our failing economy which makes her another enemy of the American middle class. The elites and establishment must be stopped by any legal means necessary.

The voting booth is the perfect place to start by repudiating the Democratic nominee in light of the terrible challenger put up by the Republicans.

rherman847's picture
rherman847 6 years 20 weeks ago

The Justice Dept. should not be engaging in innuendo - totally wrong, probably illegal! President Obama should have Director Comey fired!


gimmeabreak's picture
gimmeabreak 6 years 20 weeks ago

I'm guessing it's the crooked Republicans last "Hail Mary" pass ....

What specific email (s) are the they talking about? There is nothing there. It's shocking how terrible Republicans are.

I hope the Democrats investigate and/or prosecute this Republican corrupt maneuver (it's one of many) instead of ignore it. Maybe then all this harassment would stop.

mkramer831's picture
mkramer831 6 years 20 weeks ago

Like everything else these last few months, this is so disheartening. Hillary is like fragile glass compared to Trump's teflon. We found out he lost 900 million dollars in one year and didn't pay taxes for eighteen years, and he takes a small, temporary hit in the polls. We found out he is a sexual predator and brags about it, and he takes a small, temporary hit in the polls. On the other hand, we hear what we already knew, that Hillary used her private email acct. for govt. stuff, and she goes from having a substantial lead to tied. An associate was married to a Republican politician who sends horny messages, and Hillary loses the country and the election. One gets the sense that these turncoats were just waiting for an excuse to vote for Trump all along. I think the "bad" is so much more popular than the "good" right now, whether it's language, discourse, media, "songs," enterntainment, food, clothing... the derangement is so widespread it seems like a mass hynopsis... or a dream.

Goodhelp's picture
Goodhelp 6 years 20 weeks ago

C'mon, Thom. The word "may" is not a strong enough open door. How about "we'll know for certain after the election and the votes are counted."

Goodhelp's picture
Goodhelp 6 years 20 weeks ago

Mr Kramer, sad to say, Hillary's associate was married to Democrat Anthony Weiner.

Carl Lee's picture
Carl Lee 6 years 20 weeks ago

Comey was general council of Lockheed Martin while Clinton was Secretary of State. LM wanted to sell Planes to the Saudis, and needed State Dept approval. Clinton gave that approval, LM donated to the Clinton Foundation, and Comey made 6 mil in salary that year. He didn't disclose this relationship even though he swore under oath that he would during the Senate investigation.

During that investigation he admitted she comitted felonies: violations of the offical secrets act, and obstruction of justice. Yet he chose not to prosecute.

Comey is deep in the Clinton pocket.

This about-face isn't sabotage, it's backpeadling. Whatever was in those 30,000 recovered emails on Huma & Weiner's laptop was so incriminating that Comey just can't carry water for her anymore. All the Democratic party loyalists like Thom are in total denial about these relationships, and the corruption. So now the narrative is that Comey is violating the Hatch Act and sabotaging and so on.

In reality he's saving his own skin.

Thom has been pro-protectionism and anti-free trade for decades, but he's also been a Democrat for decades. He just can't wrap his mind around the concept of his most natural ally being an R, and everything he despises running as D. Even though The Don has completely bulldozed everything the GOP used to be.

In Thom's brain, the GOP is still Jesse Helms and George Bush. In reality it's over for those people. That era is at an end. Just like his precious Bernie Sanders and the pipe dream of a Scandinavian-style welfare paradise. Which is ashes in Scandinavia now, too.

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