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— Global Trade Agreements - Will Trump Stand Up To the Major US Multinational Corporations, GOP & Dem Establishment & China?

— Is Maureen Dowd right? "...Obama lost touch with his revolutionary side and settled comfortably into being an Ivy League East Coast cerebral elitist who hung out with celebrities, lectured Congress and scorned the art of political persuasion.”

—Eamonn Fingleton (Forbes/In The Jaws of the Dragon) is on from Ireland...he knew Trump was going to win. Why?

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WakeUpAmerica 5 years 39 weeks ago

The network media reporters have re-defined anti-semitism and racism, where the reporters have to see the soul of the person, Bannon, Trump, et. al., and under their new definition Hitler was not a racist nor an anti-semite, because no reporter could look into his soul. He merely spewed the siren call of hate for political advancement.

Apparently rascism and anti-semitism, according to CNN and NBC and Mike Pence and many Republicans, when used to promote a political cause or win is not rascism nor anti-semitism, as only God can see their soul, and of course they can be forgiven if they repent. The media is attempting to normalize this white wash horrific hatred and coup that has taken over our country. they all must be called out, boycotted and themselves called rascists and anti-semites, even if they use these sirens to get them votes or viewers. Mike Pence and the Christian Right are both racists, anti-semites and now hypocrites, as they advance the Trump/Pence/Bannon point of view at the side of the KKK.

WakeUpAmerica 5 years 39 weeks ago

It will be frightening and chaotic, if Republicans eliminate the filabuster rule, or Democrats do not use it to stop the policies that will disenfranchise Americans, and as these Alt Right White Supremists start to redefine the SOCTUS, eliminate health care, disable coverage for pre-existing illness with the Paul Ryan pool of money that will run out and not be available to all. They will be selling us on policies that give our Treasury to the Corporate interests, and take it from the people, as they reshape American into the John Birch Society mantra.

Democrats must be vocal and unite and must be knowledgeable about the deceptions that will steal our civil liberties and rights, and steal our Treasury, as they attempt to privitize social security, medicare, national parks, and prisons, for a start. Black water will become our military, that will be used against the citizens internally, if we are too loud in our protests.

Americans must hear and understand that we are the closest to authoritarianism and fascism, at the brink, with the election of a con-man, whose personality disorders are so serious that he cannot even think clearly to help if he wanted. This all comes as global warming will be starting water wars, and the solution will be for Trump to divide up the world with Putin and other autocrats, who will each take away their own sphere of influence.

George Orwell's 1984 is almost here 30+ years a little late, but now we are on that brink, and technology, gun control and the internet will be used to deny us rights, unless we take back the Senate, Congress, SOCTUS and Presidency so it is for the people, and for all religions, and for world peace, not domination or profit-sharing with Russia.

WakeUpAmerica 5 years 39 weeks ago

Nine years ago Richard Dreyfus shared on Bill Maher that the loss of civics in grade schools would result in the loss of critical thinking among our electorate and citizenry, and be a factor in the dumbification of Americans. We now have it spades. Americans cannot think, cannot connect the dots. Hillary refused to spend her time and money educate them as to how she would CHANGE, create jobs, thinking that her website discussions were enough. Well that did not work. We all need to educate Americans who have been brought up with a lack of critical thinking. Dreyfus said that democracy is a fragile thing that will go away if we are not actively involved and knowledgeable. We are there with Trump/Bannon and Pence (who wants to impose their form of Christian Sharia law on all Americans), and who can and will change our SCOTUS to accomplish these erosons and illusions of democracy.

See Richard Dreyfus from 2006 at:


WakeUpAmerica 5 years 39 weeks ago

Thom, I hope you are reading this. I am not good at social networking, and I am hopeful that you will use my posts to help those that are important go viral. You are one of the few who understand and see the problems. Please let me know if I should stop writing, or if you do not read my blogs, as it is time consuming and I need to find a forum where people will listen and connect the dots and act. My posts to Hillary went nowhere, as she never spoke about how she could help Americans without jobs, never educated Americans and citizens, something that you have to continue to shoulder.

FYI, I am a CPA, tax attorney, and have sufficient degrees and success in analytic analysis, and a good understanding of the nightmare we are living. Trump turned the election in to a reality show, and now we are all players in his reality show, where many of us are trying not to get thrown off the island, and others of us have to change the rules of the contest, and WakeUpAmerica!

WakeUpAmerica 5 years 39 weeks ago

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Planned Parenthood

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Natural resources defense Council

The international Refugee assistance project

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