How Much Danger Is Net Neutrality In Now?

You need to know this....

The Electoral College voted yesterday, and despite a last minute push to get some electors to switch their votes, Donald Trump secured the minimum 270 votes he needs to win.

It's now official: he will be our next President.

Needless to say, some big, big changes are now on the way.

Obamacare is probably a goner, as is President Obama's executive action on immigration, his Clean Power Plan, and the Iran nuclear deal.

Basically all the progress the Obama administration has made over the past 8 years is now in danger - and so is the internet as we know it.

It doesn't get talked about on corporate mainstream media because the cable companies were violently opposed to it, but one of the single most important things the Obama administration did was its decision, through the FCC last February, to classify the internet as a public utility.

That decision was important because it preserved the principle of net neutrality, which bans internet service providers like Comcast from discriminating against web traffic they don't like.

Without net neutrality, Comcast or Verizon could force you to pay extra to stream videos hosted on a website owned by a rival company.

They could also slow down content from rival-owned websites to make those rival-owned websites unusable.

It's not hyperbole to say that net neutrality is the one thing standing between us and the nightmare scenario: a completely corporate-controlled internet.

The election of Donald Trump has now made that nightmare scenario a very real possibility.

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