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To Preserve Our Democracy:

Call on President Obama to acknowledge that the 2016 election was rigged, declare Marshall Law, suspend the inauguration of Donald Trump and hold a new election for President and Congress in 2018, for the following reasons:

  1. The 2016 national elections were rigged as Donald Trump accurately stated. The Republican orchestrated Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck denied over 7,000,000 voters, mostly black and Hispanic registered voters from having their votes counted as discovered and reported by Greg Palast.

  2. The interference in our nation's elections by the Russian government was acknowledged by our nations top intelligence agencies.

  3. The inappropriate disclosure of misleading accusations by the FBI Director.

  4. The failure of over 50 elected officials of the Electoral College members who voted for Donald Trump to comply with applicable laws because they did not live in the congressional districts they represented or they held elective office in states legally barring dual officeholders.

  5. Donald Trump claims that climate change is a hoax and has selected crucial members of his cabinet who hold similar opinions threatening the security of our nation's future as warned by the Pentagon and confirmed by the leaders of every other nation.

During the next two years investigate and prosecute all those involved in voter suppression activities such as crosschecking. Require demonstrated compliance of applicable laws by the members of the Electoral College before they are seated.

Trump Doesn't Understand What Healthcare Is

Donald Trump has the power to force anywhere from 22 to 32 million American men, women, and children to lose their health insurance.

There's just one problem: he doesn't seem to understand what health insurance actually is.

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From Unequal Protection, 2nd Edition:
"Beneath the success and rise of American enterprise is an untold history that is antithetical to every value Americans hold dear. This is a seminal work, a godsend really, a clear message to every citizen about the need to reform our country, laws, and companies."
Paul Hawken, coauthor of Natural Capitalism and author of The Ecology of Commerce
From Screwed:
"I think many of us recognize that for all but the wealthiest, life in America is getting increasingly hard. Screwed explores why, showing how this is no accidental process, but rather the product of conscious political choices, choices we can change with enough courage and commitment. Like all of Thom’s great work, it helps show us the way forward."
Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take a Little While
From Screwed:
"Hartmann speaks with the straight talking clarity and brilliance of a modern day Tom Paine as he exposes the intentional and systematic destruction of America’s middle class by an alliance of political con artists and outlines a program to restore it. This is Hartmann at his best. Essential reading for those interested in restoring the institution that made America the envy of the world."
David C. Korten, author of The Great Turning and When Corporations Rule the World