Does No One Care That 7 Million Votes Were Not Counted?

Speaking in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he was highly confident that Russia had interfered in the presidential election.

With testimony like that from the country's highest ranking intelligence officer, and a declassified report on alleged Russian interference expected out next week, Democrats now have plenty of new fodder for their endless quest to delegitimize Donald Trump by tying him to Russia.

Which is too bad, because it means they're going to continue to ignore the real scandal of the 2016 presidential election: Interstate Crosscheck, a program started by Trump advisor Kris Kobach, a fellow you may remember from the "your papers please" "walking while brown" law in Arizona, or the Muslim registry that he designed for George W. Bush in the hysteria right after 9/11.

And he's also the Secretary of State for Kansas, the epicenter of the Koch network.

According to investigative reporter Greg Palast, Crosscheck is a glorified national voter purge disguised as a tool to prevent people from double voting. Crosscheck kicked millions of people - overwhelmingly people of color, according to Palast - off the voting rolls before election day.

In many key states, the number of people purged by Crosscheck was much, much larger than Trump's margin of victory.

In Michigan, for example, the number of people purged from the voting rolls -- 449,000 -- was about 40 times larger than Trump's margin of victory -- around 10,700 votes.

In other words, Crosscheck probably won Michigan for Trump.

It also probably won him Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

This is a HUGE story -- the presidential election was probably stolen!

But for some inexplicable reason, Democrats aren't talking about it. There's no push for an investigation, no calls for hearings, no nothing.

Why is that?

What are Democrats waiting for?

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