Is Trump Making America White Again?

It turns out that Donald Trump was completely serious when he said he wanted to deport millions of people who've done nothing wrong except live and work in the United States without the right paperwork.

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security or DHS announced a series of measures elaborating on the immigration executive orders that President Trump issued in his first week in office.

Under President Obama, DHS prioritized for deportation only those undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes like rape or murder.

But as part of the package of new policies announced today, Donald Trump's DHS will prioritize pretty much all undocumented immigrants for deportation.

That's right - all 11 million of them.

Theoretically - of course - this policy will "Enhance the Public Safety in the Interior of the United States" (that's literally the title of Trump's immigration executive order).

But is it actually just about Making America White Again?


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wmleidy 7 years 17 weeks ago

trump's isolation policy makes america less attractive to foreign visitors, students, professionals and families, the very backbone upon which this country was built. this policy is a collective slap in the face to our ancestors and will have significant economic implications. we will make america feudal again. what a revolting administration!

cccccttttt 7 years 17 weeks ago

"people who've done nothing wrong except live and work in the United States without the right paperwork."

What a distorted view of reality Tom serves up.

Bank robbers are just guys who need a permanent loan.

Murder is an anger management problem.

Such double speak prevents rational discourse.


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2950-10K 7 years 17 weeks ago

It's pretty obvious Trump is a rascist...just look who he placed in his cabinet. That said, I don't think this is about making "Merica" white again. Instead it's a right-wing attempt to distract the working class victims of free trade with a convenient scapegoat. This way they keep voting for the Teapublican Party, the party that screwed them with the free trade policies to begin with.

Why aren't we deporting those who profited from the desperation of the illegals, or is it legal to hire an illegal? For that matter, why aren't we deporting the piggish fascists who deported our jobs to the slave markets to begin with?

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dnd 7 years 17 weeks ago


Next time you have Tom Tancredo on, please remind him that Hispanics were here in Colorado first. Colorado's former AG, Senator and DOI Secretary Ken Salazar's family was in southern Colorado since the 1500's. That's before Colorado was a state. That's before Colorado was a territory. That's before the U.S. was the U.S.

And ask him about what immigration requirements his Italian grandparents had and what discrimination they suffered here in Colorado, e.g., the Ludlow massacre.

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ErinRose 7 years 17 weeks ago

Is it possible that the reason Trump wants all of the (11 million) undocumented people out of the US is that he is planning on bringing in jobs and only wants them going to bona fide US citizens? Or maybe he wants11 million people off of social safety nets, their children out of the schools, and less stress on Emergency Rooms?

When I lived in California, I was a shift manager. I had 30 people working for me, at least half, if not more, were undocumented workers. I talked with them. They were from Mexico, San Salvadore, Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica. I asked the ones from Mexico if they were going to become citizens. They ALL said no; emphatically! They wanted to earn enough money to either purchase a bull farm, or put themselves through school back in Mexico.

Although I understand the human compassion side of this, I also think that if workers are going to spend years in this country with no intentions whatsoever of becoming citizens, then how fair is that to American workers or taxpaying citizens?

The usual argument is that US workers don't want fruit and vegetable harvesting jobs so migrant workers help out US companies. But I have also seen the other side of it where undocumented workers are holding down two, three and even four jobs, hot-racking single bedroom apts with six or eight other undocumented workers. These jobs ranged from fast food service jobs to mall janitors, to waiters, to cooks' assistants; all of these jobs US workers would gladly fill but many of the places of employment KNOW these people are undocumented and are intentionally hiring them because they can pay them less, cut labor on a whim, and then hire them back when seasonal receipts pick up.

I was also out in Arizona looking at new housing out there. I saw undocumented workers waiting on street corners and sitting out at local convenience stores waiting to be picked up for construction jobs. How many Americans would want those construction jobs? The builder would get an order for a new tract house, go around and scoop up the workers and they would toss together a chicken-wire and spray foam house for two hundred thousand dollars. How much do you think the undocs who actually built the place in the blazing sun got paid? How much profit do you think the GC got? How much was paid under the table avoiding taxes for the economy? In some instances, I think we are contributing to the delinquency of employers.

In many ways I can understand the plight of the undocumented. But in another, they should do things the correct way in the first place. Their countries are not the only ones feeling the pinch. "Austerity" and the plundering of populations is a global disease perpetrated by the fascistic global Deep State, or is that Estate? Times are tough all way around but I think it would do more good if many of these undocumented workers would return to their home countries and fight with their governments to end the corruption and the takeover by the global oligarchy.

As for those people who are refugees because of our kakistocracy policies, I don't know what to say. You hear some Muslims vowing to murder Christianity and all Christians and wonder if inviting them in isn't sleeping with the enemy. I guess I see the problem as people leaving their homelands and relocating and think it's better for them to stay in their own countries minus our intervention, interference, imperialism, empire building, or just plain war for profit; shaking the money tree. I genuinely feel sorry for these people. They have been uprooted because of influences imposed on them. But then again, I can't help but ask myself why they would ever want to come here? America is a banana republic at best and certainly only a shadow of her former self. Even WE don't know if we will ever get back to the glory days or our being able to help others instead of our corrupt and criminal governments helping themselves TO others; and their god given resources and assets.

I hope Trump has some good things up his sleeve; like jobs. Speaking of jobs... did you know that a pipeline in Iowa was supposed to deliver over five thousand jobs, and one Iowa woman was saying that after the state agreed to allow them to run it for the sake of these jobs, the pipeline company brought in their own building crews and in the final analysis only ELEVEN people from Iowa got jobs out of it? Just wait until the oil starts spilling and ruining their crop lands for the next billion years.... More than Martha and the Vandellas will be dancing in the streets.

Mulakush 7 years 17 weeks ago

It will be intersting to see how many of the jobs vacated by deportation are taken up by our people in US. Humans a clannish and territorial species. The current deportations are a result of such instincts. Ultimately, it is the issue of employment of communities like the rust belt will decide how the current administration is judged. I see a dark picture of the US in the near future as it lets loose its hatreds and elects hate mogering republicans into positions of power.

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Oldskoold 7 years 17 weeks ago

Well, interesting comments so far, especially from cccttt.... (whatever, troll). I have come to the realization that we, the 99% or so (including cccttt....most probably) are the Indians of our time in this now Faschist Society. They have overtaken all resourses and peeing on our legs and saying it's merely raining. Money and greed have (arguably) won as of now. However we must take notice which "ethnicity" of immigrants are the winners. Russia has doubled down on (unbridled) capitalism and the "mafia" won there. Seven Russian diplomats (assinated) since the election? Seems they knew too much. The (Koch) congress going along with everything "He" wants to do? Where are the "NEVER TRUMP Republicans now? Graham and McCain are the only ones that might save us from this catastrophy but; if really impeached then (worse) Pence and then; Eddie Munster? The fourth reich has taken over! (Check ethnicity of the present cabinet)

It's Greed people! You done forgot about the Russian Mafia? Alive (well some) and doing quite well.

We are in real trouble. And as long as we have the Republican Fachist "appeasers" we are all in danger! cccttt.. included! (Unless you have a bunker). I do, but only to protect me from the neo christians who think they have God on their side, which is so far from the truth now, I plan a bunch of laughing at the "Final Judgement"!

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xs10shal 7 years 17 weeks ago

I do not agree with this position, but it is hard to make an impact when the Congress, Senate and President are aligned. If we can only protest, we should do that, but if Republicans are intent in ramming this through, the end result will be disasterous for many Republican controlled states who rely on Hispanics to work their farms and pick their crops, not to mention the down turn in the non-union building companies that rely prodominately on low wage Hispanic workers. I regret the very tragic impact this will have on Hispanic families in America, but let the Republicans fall on their swords if they are intent in this bad policy.

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dr818dr 7 years 17 weeks ago

Even those illegal aliens who have not broken any laws other than crossing the border cannot be classified as having “done nothing wrong except live and work in the US without the right paperwork”.

First that number other than children is almost zero. Be it creating false documents, stealing someone’s ID, not paying taxes or driving without a license almost all adults here illegally have also committed numerous crimes. Second many of these people have “stolen” a job from someone else. If they have children, they have “stolen” tax dollars to educate their children and they have “stolen” tax dollars for healthcare. If they had their children in the US they have “stolen” all of the benefits that as citizens they are "entitled" to.

President Obama’s prioritization for deportation of serious crimes like rape or murder is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. During Obama’s eight years over 12,000 people were killed by illegal aliens who drove drunk or without a license. (Source AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety) His policy did not consider those crimes as serious. I know all too well as my son was the victim of an unlicensed driver (who had been previously caught) in November 2010.

Needless to say, it is not theoretical but fact that this policy will, “Enhance Public Safety in the Interior of the United States”.

Your contention that this is Trumps attempt to make America white again is reprehensible and an insult to the millions of Americans of all colors who have been victimized by illegal immigration. You owe all of us an apology.

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deepspace 7 years 17 weeks ago

Trump is nothing but a subhuman, bigoted creep who is stupid enough to swallow all the racist bile that is vomited up from the despicable, white-supremacists bastards he calls "advisors." The brainless jerks who voted for this white-privileged, criminally insane sexual predator are even more contemptible for not seeing though his whole sickening charade, passed off as legitimate governance.

On the scale of serious problems facing this nation and the world, undocumented immigrants don't even register as a blip. This is complete nonsense! It's just another unbelievably simplistic diversionary tactic to distract low-information saps (i.e. Fox Faux News idiots) from the real issues.

Those taking the lion's share of jobs from hapless American workers are not the little brown aliens, not even close; they are the unpatriotic, transnational corporatists and their bought-and-paid-for, lily-white Republican stooges in Congress (with the help of corp-dems), who for the last forty years, while arrogantly wrapping themselves in the flag and praying to Jesus H. Christ, have been betraying their own citizens by greasing the skids to offshore most of our manufacturing base to third-world countries. Suuure ... Trump the Liar is gonna bring back the jobs! And he's gotta wall to sell ya too!

It would be so damn fitting if all the swamp trolls and bottom feeders could no longer afford their sparsely subsidized, newly profitized Trumpercare insurance scams and then gagged on the huge tax bill for the ridiculous, fifty-billion-dollar-plus, boondoggle commie-wall and the extra, completely unnecessary, Nazi army of 10,000 ICE goons and 5,000 storm-trooper border guards -- pure socialist jobs of the worst kind sucking off the lowly taxpayers' teats.

Naturally, Predator Trump and his billionaire butt-buddies won't pay a gawdamn penny for any of this extravagant largesse, as will be revealed next Wednesday in the con-job he is hyping as a "budget." His scheme to "reform" taxes, domestic spending, healthcare, industry and banking regulations will be one of the biggest wealth-redistribution programs in American history -- from the bottom to the top!

There'll be yuge tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, and yuge deficit-spending debacles, adding massive amounts to the debt, for even more cops, jails, war, and plenty of ten-million-tax-dollar, "working," weekend golf junkets down to Mar-a-Lago, the pissant's "Winter White House."

What doesn't get put on the credit card, including the tax cuts for the rich, will be offset -- OF COURSE!! -- by cutting domestic programs that benefit mere commoners, those poor pathetic losers unlucky enough not to be in the top ten percent.

Sieg heil! ... Sieg heil! ... Sieg heil!

RFord's picture
RFord 7 years 17 weeks ago

Trump put a freeze on federal hiring yet wants to hire 10,000 poeple for immigration enforcement. I believe a program and budget cutting republican congress would have to approve that.

People that own businesses are generaly republicans. When Alabama republicans made tough on illegals laws, their farm workforce left the state, leaving crops all over Alabama to rot in the fields because they could not find people to harvest the crops. The law cost the state over a billion dolllars. Now how are business owners going to feel about their republican president when he deports their workforces and their businesses suffer or go bankrupt? They will not support him or vote for him provided he lasts long enough to be re-elected. They may even change parties. Much of Trump's immigration plans such as his wall and 10,000 more border cops will not get funded. Trump just doesn't get it. You can't cut spending while increasing spending. He needs to learn that if he wants to keep calling himself a republican. He's terrorizing the non-citizen workers all over the country making Donald J. Trump America's number 1 terror threat.

DFMM's picture
DFMM 7 years 17 weeks ago

Immigration maxims, truisms, slogans

In immigration debates maxims, truisms, and slogans are commonly heard; not necessarily of substance. Here in no particular order are some of my thoughts:

Immigration is not a solution to the problems plaguing source countries, it is a workaround; immigration has gone on for decades yet the problems in the source countries persist.

You often hear about people emigrating in search of the American Dream; what is needed is a Dream in source countries, and that Dream isn't necessarily the same as ours, it's whatever they choose and what works for them. Unfortunately that is too often overlooked as we wallow in an egocentric belief that our system is the best.

Immigrants would prefer to not emigrate, it is fraught with uncertainty and is a major disruption of life, language, culture, family, etc. It speaks volumes about the circumstances immigrants flee that major life disruption is the lesser evil.

Pro-immigration is often rationalized with sayings like; "we are a nation of immigrants," "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...," and, "immigrant built this country." We are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of descendants of immigrants. "Give me your tired..." is an excerpt from "The New Colossus," it is not policy nor law. Immigrants did build this country; and those immigrants --- or mostly their descendants, are here; those not here haven't built anything. The aforementioned sayings are not justification for allowing large-scale immigration in perpetuity. However, given the role some of our policies have played in creating turmoil and instability in some other countries; we are morally obligated to help out in a big way.

The push for immigration is largely dictated by corporations and the wealthy who want cheap labor to minimize expenses in order to make themselves even richer. Another manifestation of the quest to increase profits are things like H-1b visas. Corporations have cut back on training and education of employees, education budgets have been cut. The money saved on these cuts go into the pockets of corporations and the wealthy. Another factor at play is our value system is out of kilter; it stands to reason that fewer students will go into technical fields when creators of toxic assets are compensated far more lucratively than the Einsteins. There should be no shortage of domestic high-tech workers, we did not have shortages in the past. Ironically, Republicans who make hay of "tough on immigration;" have for decades looked the other way because they are the party of big business, and big business wants cheap labor.

San Diego

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deepspace 7 years 17 weeks ago

Don Rosenberg,

I am so sorry that you lost your son. As a parent myself, it is unimaginable to even begin to understand the pain of that, what you must feel every day. I offer my deepest and sincere sympathy.

Your website articles and letter to Obama were heartfelt and make very convincing points that elevate awareness of a very serious problem, which absolutely needs to be addressed by authorities on the local, state, and national levels.

Also, your "Los Angeles Traffic" study is a real eye-opener, chock full of statistics, well organized, and evidently well researched. Thank you for such a tremendous effort in putting it all together.

(Here's the link to the PDF if others want to peruse it.)

You are obviously the expert in this area, so it is not my place to question your sources or conclusions. I will only offer my take-away opinion on a few, more general points, for what it's worth.

It certainly would be prudent and wise to initiate very aggressive programs to properly license every driver, documented or not, and crack down hard on all other causes of accidents, especially drinking and drugs, as well as every possible distraction, such as cell phones, fiddling with knobs and buttons, eating, fatigue, etc.

Yet, these are issues for the entire population of 350 million, not just one fraction. To condemn an entire minority group of eleven million for the actions of an even smaller minority of reprobates within that group, albeit totally understandable in your case, still seems biased and unfair when one steps back a little. By all means, deport the bad criminals who commit felonies and cause death and destruction, but let's not criminalize all the good people, if their only crime is lack of paperwork.

Sure, it's wrong to enter the country illegally. Nobody is condoning that. But it should be put into proper perspective. We are a nation of immigrants (or the descendants). If people are already here, want to stay, are well established, are working hard, and are trying to be productive members of society, then give them a fighting chance, give them the documents and a path to citizenship.That's the humane thing to do. Society is much better off when there is more empathy and compassion than fear and hate, isn't it?

As far as utilizing the social safety net (if they're not being paid in cash under the table), taxes are taken out of their paychecks just like any other worker in a large company, so they are not "stealing" benefits. In fact, there have been many in-depth studies conducted, both public and private, that show a net positive for the system. Undocumented workers pay more into the system than they take out, for the very reason that they lack the documentation to become eligible for benefits.

Besides, as Thom always reminds us, we don't have an illegal immigrant problem; we have and illegal employer problem. Congress should pass stringent laws to discourage immigrants from crossing the border illegally in the first place. Notwithstanding drug dealers, the primary reason most ordinary people sneak across the frontier -- often times, a very deadly undertaking -- is simply to find work to support their families. Therefore, employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers should be heavily fined. If they persist, it should be considered a felony, and they should lose their business license and be thrown into prison for an appropriate length of time.

Ultimately, to solve the problem on a more fundamental level, the United States should end all corporate, so-called "free" trade agreements, which are responsible for the growth of huge conglomerate factory farms that dump subsidized corn and produce or other such products on Central and South American countries, resulting in millions upon millions of small-time farmers and breadwinners losing their livelihoods, which has created a massive vacuum filled by ruthless drug cartels and predatory corporate operations that are modeled after our own rapacious monopolies.

Like most everyone everywhere, these innocent victims of big-business predation and international economic pressure, which is out of their control, normally would prefer to live in their home countries. But when they're thrown out of work and persecuted by murderous gangs of criminals and corrupted governments ruled by large landowners (another sad story of American culpability and crony capitalism), where do you think they will flee? South? No, they'll migrate north to the richest country on Earth. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't anyone?

That's the history. It's our own greedy policies that have created the problem. Therein, lies the solution.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 7 years 17 weeks ago


America has existing immigration laws. Your ridiculous attempted diversion from Obama deporting tens of thousands to painting President Trump as worse is pathetic. Both are/were just following the law.

You have been beating the same divide and conquer (white vs. everyone else) drum for the entire time you have been on the air. You neglect to grasp the fact your drum has been beaten by voters in every local, city, and state elections for years. I realize you personally are saddled with white guilt but the average working middle class American voter isn't and doesn't buy into your program. Instead of preaching the same old mantra to your small audience of like thinkers, your time may be better spent with a new schtick, something that will attract the millions who are concerned about real issues, not made up ones that satisfy your shortcomings.

Legend 7 years 17 weeks ago

Diane, why do you listen to Thom. Do you enjoy being angry?

ginico55's picture
ginico55 7 years 17 weeks ago

Just yesterday was a picture on FB showing one of his White House aides making the hand gestures for "white power".

ginico55's picture
ginico55 7 years 17 weeks ago

I don't agree that people should stay in their own countries, the world is getting smaller, if every segment of population remained segregated, how will this planet exist in peace. I think that it's pretty much God's Idea to get all of us mixed together so we can learn to respect each others diversity - only that will lead to peace on this planet.

Ou812's picture
Ou812 7 years 17 weeks ago

Ginico55 :

What are the hand gestures for white power? Please explain I've never seen or heard of them.

Redflag 7 years 16 weeks ago

Dianereynolds: "America has existing immigration laws."

Indeed. But America's immigration laws will remain meaningless for as long as America's laws relative to the hiring of undocmented workers remain unenforced (said laws began to be ignored in 1987 and by the Reagan administration).

So do you, dianereynolds, think that laws relative to the employment of undocumented workers should be enforced again just as Thom Hartmann does?

Dianereynolds: "You have been beating the same divide and conquer (white vs. everyone else) drum for the entire time you have been on the air. You neglect to grasp the fact your drum has been beaten by voters in every local, city, and state elections for years."

As a Marxian socialist, I am well-aware of the divide-and-conquer tactic; something which, to Marxists, is practiced by the capitalist class and its henchmen against the working class - against people of all pigmentations within the working class. But I'm not at all certain as to what you meant by your assertion that Hartmann is "beating the same divide and conquer...drum." Will you please unpack your comment, Diane?

And will you also explain what it is that you mean by "white guilt'?

Thank you.

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