Is Breitbart Setting Off A GOP Civil War?

For now, at least, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump are on the same page when it comes to passing the Republicans' god-awful tax-cut-for-the-rich disguised as a healthcare plan.

But the peace treaty between the Speaker and the President won't last forever - especially if the Breitbart bubble keeps on growing.

Just as Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have united behind the Republican Party's healthcare plan, Breitbart News is trying to blow the whole thing up.

Yesterday, Breitbart released audio of the Speaker trashing Trump in an October conference call that came right after video emerged of Trump bragging about sexual assault.

"I obviously stand by that statement. His comments are not anywhere in keeping with our party's principals and values. There are basically two things that I want to make really clear. As for myself as your speaker, I am not going to defend Donald Trump. Not now, not in the future."

So, it seems like Breitbart is trying to break apart the alliance that's formed between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan over healthcare. Will it work?

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