The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?

The fight to repeal and replace Obamacare is rapidly becoming a battle between factions of oligarchs.

So who will win - the Koch brothers faction that hates the Republican healthcare plan?

Or the Trump-Mercer faction that supports it?

As it stands right now, the Republican plan to replace Obamacare still doesn't have enough support to make it through a House vote.

This is in large part thanks to opposition from the Koch brothers and their right-wing billionaire allies.

The House Freedom Caucus - AKA the Koch Caucus - says it has a 25 solid "no" votes against the bill - more than enough to prevent it from passing.

So on the one hand you have this awful bill pushed by the Mercer-backed Trump administration, and then on the other you have the House Freedom Caucus, which is essentially an arm of the Koch empire, demanding something more "conservative."

When David Koch ran for president in 1980, he called for the "abolition of Medicare and Medicaid." Is that the only thing that will please these people?

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