Republicans Already Started Defunding Obamacare Long Before Trump Came into Office

Donald Trump suggested that the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) was a clever ruse by our first Black president and his Democratic friends to have a successful health-care system in place for his own presidency, but one that was set up to fail in the first year of the next president's term.

Trump said (on 3/10/2017) that this year "would be a disaster for Obamacare. That's the year it was meant to explode, because Obama won't be here. That's when it was supposed to be, get even worse. As bad as it is now, it'll get even worse."

While most people are rolling their eyes - why would Obama do that, particularly when everybody expected the next president to be Hillary? - there's actually a substantial grain of truth to Trump's assertion. He has identified, however, the wrong culprit as the person who poison-pilled Obamacare for 2017.

That distinction would go to Marco Rubio (and his Republican helpers in the Senate). Let's step back to 2015 for the entire story, which is bizarre and fascinating.

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Legend 22 weeks 4 days ago

Now the ball is in their court. Republican Care is doomed to failure. It eliminated revenue from the 1% (plus medical device tax and tanning salon tax). It raises costs by allowing CEO's and upper management to make unlimited amounts of money and call it a business expense. Its individual mandate penalty is low enough that healthy young people will not pay for the expensive insurance that it offers. Who gets screwed? 50 to 65 year old Trump voters and Red States.

I suggest Google medical tourism if you need medical care. Other countries have better and affordable medical care.

wmleidy's picture
wmleidy 22 weeks 4 days ago

has anyone noticed that thom hartmann's posts are a cut above the rest of what we are seeing in mainstream media? there is plenty of anti-administration media out there but thom articulates the issues with sufficient context to allow the reader to actually connect the dots. the marco rubio wrinkle to the aca is a perfect example. my question is how do we get this out to a broader audience? we aren't going to get the right people in office next time around unless we smarten up the average american voter (both sides of the aisle need help).

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Arrgy 22 weeks 3 days ago

It's happening! Fox News Poll Says Bernie Sanders Most Popular Thing In America Today. Mark this day on your calander!

Fox News is the last place in the world you would expect to find people who actually like what Bernie Sanders has to say, but according to a new Fox News poll, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is the most popular thing in the United States. The second most popular thing according to the same Fox News poll, which was mostly Fox News viewers, Planned Parenthood. Third most popular thing, Elizabeth Warren.

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2950-10K 22 weeks 3 days ago

Single- payer is all we can afford .... thanks to Reagan's trickle down the working class no longer has the extra billions to enrich for profit insurance executives who have nothing to do with actual healthcare services. The rest of the world is right, we are wrong. Any politician speaking out for single -payer is sure to quickly become a champion of the people...the time will never be more right than it is now.

Rubio is a self- serving imbecile just like Ryan.... it's all going to end just as bad for them as it it for the rest of us...if that's any consolation.

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Dianereynolds 22 weeks 3 days ago

Maybe Marco had little to do with it at all,

From the Wash Post fact checker:

"Rubio’s inaccurate claim that he ‘inserted’ a provision restricting Obamacare ‘bailout’ funds"

"In reality, in the sausage making of the law, Rubio didn’t make the sausage that has wounded the law. He had wanted to make a different sausage. But through deft marketing, he managed to slap his name on this one.

So far, with the exception of a careful report in the Associated Press, much of the media have gotten this story wrong."

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Riverplunge 22 weeks 3 days ago

There is a 3rd name for Obamacare. In Tennessee it's called the Tennessee Health Exchange. You ask the people down there if the like ACA or Obamacare. The answer is NO. They don't realize that they are all the same programs.

fmarsh51 22 weeks 3 days ago

"Federal Employees Health Benefits Program", or FEHBP for short. This is the health care system that was enacted in 1959 for ALL government employees. This is the system that now, ONLY the federal politicians have access to, all other government employees were removed by the Republicans years ago - you know, 'cost control'.
Well here we are - the millionaire politicians have free health care for themselves and their families thanks to the generous, grateful taxpayers, who are so appreciative of what the wonderful politicians do for us and the wellbeing of the Nation. (Couldn't resist the snark - sorry.)
The way I see it, they now have two choices;
One: open up this system to all Americans, or
Two: Provide Medicare for all, a single-payer system - nothing less will do. We MUST join the rest of the Industrialized Nations in providing health care for all humans who reside in this country - and, yes, as all these other nations do, provide this health care for every person, citizens AND visitors, both legal and illegal. (Time to accept world responsibility as all other countries do.)
Go to, "PHYSICIANS FOR A NATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAM", and see the details of what this will entail. Or, go to their website and watch the YouTube video, "FIX IT". This will give you an excellent overview of this system.
Time to enter the 21st-century responsibility for human existence.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 22 weeks 3 days ago

Thanks for the sources, fmarsh51-- will check it out.

Speaking of people in need of healthcare... Not satisfied with murdering tens of thousands of sick and defenseless Americans every year under their tax-cuts-for-the-rich healthscam plan, the radical Christian terrorists under Generalissimo Trumpnino will now have even more free rein to commit as many atrocities against innocent civilians in other countries as they want "deem necessary."

Who cares? They're just dirty (spin the big hate wheel) K*kes-N*ggers-Injuns-Sp*cs-W*ps-Ch*nks-Mics-gypsies-hippies-Democrats-liberals-progressives-nonChristians-atheists-poor people-journalists (tick. tick.. tick...) Muslims!

Der Fuhrer, Herr Drumpf, is the dear leader of Amerikkka's new death cult:

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