Should Mike Pence be thrown in prison?

If the Republican Party ever had any sense of shame, those days vanished a long, long time ago.

According to a report out last week in the Indy Star, Vice President Mike Pence used - you guessed it - a private email account when he was governor of Indiana.

As the Star explains -

"Pence communicated via his personal AOL account with top advisers on topics ranging from security gates at the governor's residence to the state's response to terror attacks across the globe. In one email, Pence's top state homeland security adviser relayed an update from the FBI regarding the arrests of several men on federal terror-related charges."

Oh yeah - and if all that wasn't bad enough - Pence's account was also hacked.

That's right - hacked!

This is literally what Republicans thought Hillary Clinton should be thrown in prison for - and her email wasn't even hacked!

The utter hypocrisy of Republicans would be shocking if it weren't so damn predictable.


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deepspace 5 years 15 weeks ago


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stopgap 5 years 15 weeks ago

I have a new name of Republicans: I call them RAGS, as in Rightwing American Garbage. Also, FOX News stands for Fucking Old Xenophobes.

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Hephaestus 5 years 15 weeks ago

Just human behavior is all

We just give it identity of one form or other

In this case political

The important thing is to get anger and frustration out there in a public area via blogs, blasted facebook, bleeding other instant communication means whilst being targeted by 'big data' gathering and being followed

What is happening to mind?

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mwalkerco 5 years 15 weeks ago

Lock him up, lock him up

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twistedgenes 5 years 15 weeks ago

It seems propaganda goes viral but rarely the truth does. We need to shout this loud and clear and not let it get buried like everything else the Trump administration does. When the GOP opens their mouths they should be looking in the mirror, as we all know its Us against Them. They hold all the power like never before and we can't trust them to police themselves because the GOP does not eat their own. The only thing they are experts at is brainwashing the low informed, those unwilling to think or research for themselves. Demand action, sign petitions write letters call your Reps go to their offices. Don't let them hide like cockroaches. Public servants..... my ass!

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Shark 5 years 15 weeks ago

We have double standards.

Just as gender had double standards for decades. Remember back in the day ...when the chick who slept with guys was a whore, loose or easy.. The guy on the otherhand was a stud, a cool dude.

It appars the Republicans are the studs and the Democrats are the whores.

We need to fight for and be treated equally.

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Oldskoold 5 years 15 weeks ago

Well; I never really thought the human "condition" would render itself to 1/5 ( 20%) of Republicans catering to Faschism" in step". But; I evidently am corrected by the Potentate. What a sad state of affairs. The question is, and damn sure beggs; are we gonna let this go forward? I have thought many times he will fall on the dagger and still hes up and running.

Not a betti'n but: This seemingly as of now, has leggs as they say. Campaigning is one thing, and lying while doing such is ok. As sitting president, I say misuse of office, slander, etc. Criminal offences. Felonies ????

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2950-10K 5 years 15 weeks ago

I'm well aware that being a Christian Supremacist, Pence is far more dangerous than even Crooked Donny. By surrounding himself with alt right nuts like Pence, Trump has shown us that he was already brainwashed by sites like Breitbart News propaganda long before the election.....his paranoid phone tap tweet makes perfect sense when you consider the alt reality he lives in.

We can only pray that Trump's madness between now and getting the Senate back doesn't lead to a global catastrophe. I'm sure there will be national outrage when the collusion is exposed, and at that point Pence will not be accepted as the new so called President. One way or another It's going to be economic and social chaos ......a lot of pain for all of us..

This is the stuff nightmares are made of, and I'm sure the rest of the world is just as worried as we are. Putin however is euphoric.

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Riverplunge 5 years 15 weeks ago

Thomm you have a spelling error in you column. It should read: If the Republicans had any sense of sane. They are the biggest nuts that existed in the historty of our country, with Pumpkin head leading the charge. Every day he says something goofy. And the idiot Newscrews run after him like a hungry bulldog chasing after a pice of meat.

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Labyrinth 5 years 15 weeks ago

Problem is, you seem to allow your progressive mentality interfere with good sense.

After all, WHERE did Pence's Emails hurt national security ? Where as, lets face it, the Democrat party tried to put a felon in the white house in 2016. We knew a hell of alot of the crap Hillary tried and pulled during her 30 years of so called public service and for the most part, regardless as to how damaging , dispicable, illegal or careless it was....people gave her a pass. And that is just the things we found out about. I could say that about many things regarding Obama too....

Namely quadrupling spending on fast and furious that got people killed.

Or the seemingly open borders policy he had where if you can make it to America - that's part one, but you have to stay good to stay here. That bad policy might sound all warm and fuzzy to outsiders, but was getting our citizens killed. Yes, many can lament the 9/11 attacks and how Bush failed, but how about counting up all the terror attempts and attacks on our own soil during Obama's reign.

I am proud to be an independant because I use my mind and the facts (cross checked) to decide on things. And when I hear of teachers influencing students to think left wing, a media too complacent to do their job right and admittedly leans left. To see the open corruption, lying, collusion, civil disobedience, not to mention the history of the party whom have somehow conned black people by majority to vote for them......well...there's loss of credibilty. Now i'm not saying the right is pure as the wind driven snow by any means, but when have they resorted to routine breaking of the law by citizens ?

When's the last time you saw the right throw speakers out of college campus's ?

Or resort to violent protests ? March around whining about things they couldn't possibly change ? The litiny of bad behavior abounds on the left with very few being committed on the right.

Point being, people will judge the left, liberals, progressives in the same boat as communists, socialists, etc with every like stupid action.

And your representatives aren't much better. Harry Reid used to routinely lie to the American public from the senate floor. Pelosi the walking gaff machine is always calling out for some Republicans head....but conveniently forgets that Democrats have done the same if not worse.

People such as I are tired of seeing the obvious double standard. We are tired of progressives / liberals / socialist etc. trying to make things more complicated or tell / force us to live how they think we should.

The so called "Muslim Ban" is a GREAT example. ANYONE that has read the founding documents of this country, realizing we are a Republc...not a democracy, and having read Trumps executive action to ban travel from 7 terror supporting countries because they do not meet our vetting standards can NOT honestly claim it was Unconstitutional. If you do, your Intellectually dishonest. And THAT has been an ever growing problem with the left. They have often allowed their passions to over-ride common sense and honesty.

AND, we see that out there believe it or not. Its a big factor in why you didn't get your felon in office. So you can be angry and set fire to Berkley if you like, but that's not productive. You can also keep trying to bash Trump in all he does, but those who voted for him see you as the Party of "NO" , petty and obstructive.

As they used to say, you can either be a part of the problem or part of the solution. If I were given to any party (doesn't matter which) I think they should start by finding out the facts (rather than enrage people based on half truths), come up with objections or suggestions regarding changes, show that its not for some selfish cause and that would should smooth over alot of the immature rhetoric that has been so often slung from both directions

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Oldskoold 5 years 15 weeks ago

Wow. U type good and fast!

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leighmf 5 years 15 weeks ago

Indiana has a long history of odd governors who have done odd and even criminal things while they were governors. Trump connections to Pence in Indiana date back to 1983, the year Trump acquired Mar-a-Lago, a 23 acre Palm Beach Estate for 5 million, and the year Pence went on the air on right wing radio.

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stopgap 5 years 15 weeks ago

Labyrinth, If you are going to tell us the facts, please document your facts and show your sources for these facts. Otherwise, it comes off like a bunch of rightwing FOX propaganda.

While your comments were long on accusations, there was not one iota of evidence or documentation.

For instance, regarding all your accusations about Hillary, there were not any specific crimes listed. Nor any specifics on how Obama's "open border policy" actually resulted in terrorist attacks. And no evidence to back up any of your other accusations.

Accusations alone, are not facts!!!

Legend 5 years 15 weeks ago

Pence email was on AOL. A public site. Hillary's email was on a private server. Big difference in security.

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deepspace 5 years 15 weeks ago

Labyrinth (#10): "I am proud to be an independant [sic] because I use my mind and the facts (cross checked) to decide on things."

Proverbs 16:18: "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

Expand the mind and reach out further, beyond the lies stated as facts.

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Edward J. Dodson 5 years 15 weeks ago

I expect very little from either the Republicans or the Democracts. We live in a very ideologically-divided society. Thomas Paine would be astonished to learn that superstition remains pervasive in the belief systems of people in the 21st century. He would not be astonished by the extent of greed, corruption, inequality and crime that plagues us. In his essay "Agrarian Justice," he offered measures that would have brought these to an inevitable end. At this point in our history, we may be beyond the point of no return. The time may now be here to consider allowing states to secede and go it alone or in combination with other states in which the people share a common set of fundamental values. In my own country I would work for the elimination of elections of citizens to legislative public office. We should discuss selecting legislators by lottery, from a pool of people willing to serve if selected and who have passed what amounts to a civil service examination to determine basic competency. Without political campaigns and fund-raising we are bound to get better representation of the public interest in our legislative bodies.

Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A.


School of Cooperative Individualism

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Dianereynolds 5 years 15 weeks ago

Stopgap: Please show us where Labyrinth's comments are off base or not factual?

Other than calling Hillary Clinton a felon, I thing he/she hit the nail on the head in her/his post. The felon part has yet to be proven.

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deepspace 5 years 15 weeks ago

Labyrinth's disingenuous and amateurish hit job is plagiarizing a Karl Rove tactic originally termed "dump-trucking,' whereby a partisan hack dumps so many lies in one communication that nobody can adequately counteract them all. And then, Diane, no doubt unknowingly, followed through with the second half of the tactic, which is to challenge someone to prove the negative of each lie in the load of crap, which of course is near impossible. It's also a classic Trumpesque technique of deflection and distraction.

Nevertheless, it is my duty as a citizen to fight back, point by point (skipping over the more inane ones). So, to return the favor, here is a load of real facts that are easily verifiable and over which trolls can stew and steam. Enjoy:

1. Pence's hacked emails included discussions about Department of Homeland Security (DHS) methods and procedures. Hillary's emails, albeit unwise, were very secure, were not hacked, were not criminal, and did not compromise any intelligence operations or state secrets whatsoever.

2. The thirty years of right-wing conspiracy-theory allegations against Hillary were adjudicated ad nauseam and proven completely false.

3. "Fast and Furious" was one of four operations of "Project Gunrunner," an ill-conceived program initiated by the Bush Administration and ended relatively quickly by the Obama Administration once it was exposed as a failure. Despite the best efforts of Darrell Issa and House Republicans' expensive witch hunt to pin the whole mess on Holder and Obama, the final reports concluded that the foolishness of "gun-walking" tactics were the fault of overly zealous lower officials in the ATF, DOJ, DEA, FBI, ICE, and DHS, primarily in the Arizona field offices of the ATF and the federal prosecutor.

4. The United States already has so-called "extreme vetting" that entails up to two years of vigorous screening by multiple agencies both here and abroad. Furthermore, Obama deported more undocumented immigrants (all serious criminals) than any other president, and under his administration more immigrants have left the U.S. than have come in.

Since 9/11, all attacks on our soil have been home-grown, with most being committed by white, male, radical Christian terrorists against Muslims, abortion clinics, gays, and other minorities who dared to offend Ameerikkkan Christianist sensibilities. None were committed by Muslims sneaking in from the seven countries on Trump's idiotic list.

5. Labyrinth: "And when I hear of teachers influencing students to think left wing, a media too complacent to do their job right and admittedly leans left. To see the open corruption, lying, collusion, civil disobedience, not to mention the history of the party whom have somehow conned black people by majority to vote for them......well...there's loss of credibilty." All of these totally ridiculous charges are based on nothing but blind partisan hatred and racial bias, and are beneath any response.

6. MSM are wholly owned subsidiaries of Big Corporate Ameica and certainly do not favor your distorted view of "the left," which is actually "the middle" -- when people are polled directly on the issues rather than through the lens of party affiliation. When did MSM ever favor Bernie, whose campaign platform addressed the really important issues with which the vast majority of Americans agree?

The greedy and lunatic fringes of the Republican Party -- in the pockets of unpatriotic billionaires and their transnational corporations -- always have and always will get much more air time and positive coverage than Bernie, Hillary, or any other Democrat. Trump is a prime example. Even their negative and salacious coverage works to the advantage of the poor little, persecuted right-wingers, because they love to play the victim card every chance they get.

7. The worst violence at the Berkeley campus -- exaggerated and conflated by corporate-sponsored media and swamp-news to make liberals look bad -- was perpetrated by an outside group(s) following their own agenda; they had no connection to the main body of organized student protests.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the Trumpist defender and promoter of pedophilia, whom the Berkeley students were protesting against, was denied to speak and thrown out (correctly) of CPAC and Breitbart by the right, once he was no longer deemed their fair-haired boy and hero of political incorrectness. Your insinuation that the "right" never restricts free speech is another provable falsehood. (Better use that great mind, of which you are so proud, to conduct some more "cross checking.")

8. Even though they are loud and in your face -- as effective resistance is supposed to be -- virtually all of the grassroots protests by truly patriotic citizens exercising their Constitutional right of dissent across every state in the union have been completely legal and largely peaceful. The scattered incidences of violence, which do not represent the movement as a whole, were hyped up by right-wing media and, again, were carried out by outside groups taking advantage of the situation, such as "Black Block" gangs, juvenile hoodlums, anarchists, and agent provocateurs, who were not at all connected to the millions of spontaneous and/or organized peaceful protesters.

Incidentally, it's another Republican big lie that the protests were funded by George Soros or any other liberal millionaire or billionaire, whose numbers, by the way, are tiny compared to the rich bastards on the right. In contrast, the phony teabagger-astroturf uprising was organized and funded by the Koch brother gigantic, spider-webbed network of fellow oligarchs, which is much better funded than even the Republican Party. Accusing Democrats of Republican-style fakery is yet another glaring example of psychological projection and subconscious guilt.

9. As far as double standards are concerned, give me a f*cking break! Your transparent attempt at false equivalency is both embarrassingly pathetic on your part and highly insulting to those Democratic representatives who, though you may disagree with their politics, have fought the good fight. Harry Reid never "used to routinely lie to the American public from the senate floor." That statement itself is a gawddamn lie! Cite one example, you hypocritical little pissant!

Harry Reid may be an establishment politician who has frustrated his more liberal left flank and angered his Republican colleagues on his right flank, and, yes, of course, he got some things wrong in his long and illustrious career -- who hasn't -- but he is a man of high integrity and never once stood in the well of the Senate and deliberately lied to the American people.

10. Nancy Pelosi "calling out for some Republicans head" (who well deserved it) pales in comparison to the decades-long, hysterical crusade of hate waged by Republicans and their army of flying monkeys that demonized the Clintons, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and every other effective Democrat and liberal who dared to stick his or her head above the trenches and fight back.

11. Your representatives, on the other hand --if you want to be as "intellectually honest" as you so condescendingly chide others to be -- are going down in history as stooges for the most criminally minded corporate monopolies and transgressors of Constitutional principles ever to hold the economic reins of power in the United States of America! Your pithy, one-sentence dismissal of Republican transgressions just doesn't cut it; it's a laughable effort to make it appear that you are "fair and balanced" and have a modicum of even-handedness. Sorry, you're not fooling anybody.

Get your head out of the asses of Republican propagandists and conspiracy-theory websites. Do some real "cross checking" and research the decades-long records of shameless Republican politicians who have abused their lordly perches to proclaim their so-called truths, which in actuality are huge corporate lies fed directly to the American people.

Although scoundrels in Washington D.C. certainly exist on both sides of the aisle, I dare you to compare the Republican overall historical record and overblown rhetoric to the Democrats' record, regarding climate change, nuclear proliferation, endless wars, out-of-control defense spending, greed-mongering imperialism, unfair taxation favoring the rich, for-profit healthcare scams, the de-funding of public education, starving entitlement programs that working citizens have earned, neglected and crumbling infrastructure, bad-mouthing the union movement that has benefited the middle class immensely in so many ways, work-place violations, minimum wage, equal pay for women, minority rights, voting rights, non-existent voter fraud, very real election fraud, etc., etc., etc.

We're all waiting for that long, in-depth dissertation from Labyrinth ...but we're not holding our breath either.

12. Repeatedly lumping progressives and liberals together with communists and socialists reveals your historical ignorance of those labels and is nothing but a bright marquee displaying your own divisive, "immature rhetoric," which you readily project onto others and which indicates an utter lack of self-awareness.

13. Labyrinth: "You can also keep trying to bash Trump in all he does, but those who voted for him see you as the Party of "NO" , petty and obstructive." This statement is perhaps your greatest hypocrisy of all. Every single one of Trump's problems are created by Trump himself and no one else. In a democracy, why, when, and under what circumstances, pray tell, should concerned citizens not call him out?!

After eight years of bashing and blocking absolutely everything Obama and the Democrats tried to do for American workers and their families, the real party of "NO" completely squandered their integrity and credibility. At this late date, for the good of the country and the world, every Democrat everywhere had better take a page straight out of the Republican playbook and learn to resist with every fiber of their being, especially now that Trump and his corporate-dirty enablers and apologists in Congress are busily screwing over the little people in every way possible while ceding our government and economy to plutocratic billionaires and militaristic fascists.

BTW: Your great and wonderful mind is also grossly misinformed about the intentions of our Founders and lacks even the most basic understanding of our form of government, for which the Founders bled and died. The false, extremist, wing-nut meme that we are "a republic, not a democracy" is just one more indicator of how extensive the brainwash on the right has become. The founding documents created a constitutionally limited, representative, democratic republic with three equal branches, a two-party political system, and a protected press. In other words we are both a republic and a democracy, where states rights exist under the umbrella of and are subject to federal law. Read it and weep.

Moreover, all of these institutions derive their power from the People, e.g., from those who are protesting in the streets, which you so love to denigrate, as well as from the tens of millions of Democrats whose votes were disenfranchised for decades by Republican state legislatures and secretaries of state aiming for one-party rule. (Interstate Crosscheck; caging; voter suppression ID laws; intimidating registration drives; faulty voting machines; restricted polling places, days, and hours; House district gerrymandering; and on and on and on...)

Conclusion: Wrong! Sad! Your entire screed! Don't preach to the rest of us and brag about your "independence" and command of "facts," which obviously you have failed to "cross check" with any other credible sources outside the right-wing bubble of the "big lie and half-truths" that would make Joseph Goebbels giddy.

Far from being some kind of "proud" and enlightened "independent," your manifesto proves that you are nothing of the kind. Rather, you come across as just another troll on the far-right fringe of the political landscape, taken in by the shallow propaganda churned out daily by the Republican and Ayn Rand, libertarian think tanks. It would be a pretty safe bet that you voted for Trump, the pathological liar and sexual pervert, and that you probably also voted a straight Republican down ticket, perhaps with a few libertarian whack-jobs thrown into the mix.

Other than all that, Labyrinth doesn't seem like such a bad guy.


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Dianereynolds 5 years 15 weeks ago

Mr. Ed:

  1. Bullshit. There are still 33,000 Hillary e-mails floating somewhere. You have no idea of their content.
  2. The Clintons are two of the most slippery individuals on the planet. Mainstream working Americans voted to that fact in November, 2016.
  3. You are totally ignorant of Obama’s Fast and Furious gun scheme. Vast differences between the Bush program and Obama’s where there was absolutely no attempt to track the weapons and gun stores were forced to sell to known bad guys. There are books written on this debacle and I will let bore ass woman hater look them up for your perusal.
  4. There is no vetting for people that wander across our open borders.
  5. Please don’t attempt to tell us college professors are “right wing”. Even the leftie/socialists here will laugh at that stupid allegation.
  6. The MSM is leaning to the “right”. They are Trump supporters? That makes your last ridiculous point look intelligent. Do you ever watch the evening news? Obviously not.
  7. It is the “righties” that are causing the violence during the protest and BLM marches? Show me some proof. So far all we have are wacko kids who have too much time on their hands arrested for smashing windows and looting.
  8. Yep! All those pre-printed signs that magically show up at “protest marches” are spontaneous. Give me a break. Leftie/socialists aren’t smart enough to focus on one cause.
  9. Harry Reid. Ronmeys taxes paid. Enough said.
  10. No argument there. Everyone of the politicians in DC should be run out of town, AFTER three additional Supreme Court Justices, 15 Federal Appeals Court judges, and 115 other judges are in place
  11. See # 10.
  12. Most willful progressives are leftie/socialists. The host of this board being a great example.
  13. Laughable comments. ALL I heard for 7-1/2 years was those GD Republicans were blocking everything Obama was trying to do and how it was destroying the country. NOW the shoe is on the other foot so………….
  • Conclusion: Stop trying to be right all the time. Other people see it far different then you who wear blinders every time you are led out of your stall. Being pissed off and running around with your mane on fire all day is not good for your health.
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hgovernick 5 years 15 weeks ago

Outstanding response. After 50 years as a DEM it was Hartmann, Goodman, Flanders etc. who caused me to leave the party. I voted for Trump. Hartmann is not paying attention as his own party calls him a traitor because The Big Picture is on RT (Russian TV). He won't admit that he & Sanders agree almost 100% with Trump on trade. His reporting on Ferguson (10 miles from me) was biased & WRONG. DEMS are not the party of my parents

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deepspace 5 years 15 weeks ago

1. The State Department, FBI, CIA, and military intelligence, and all the numerous investigations done by the Republican Congress turned up nothing, zilch, nada. I'll go by their conclusions, not Granny Di's delusions.

2. No evidence; no facts; no nothing but slanted opinion and Clinton hatred. Mainstream working Americans include everyone, and the majority voted for Hillary. Again, fact vs Granny Di's delusion.

3. Unfortunately for your talking point, I happen to know very much about "Fast and Furious" and will stand by my synopses. It's extremely complicated, so very briefly: There were several operations conducted under Project Gunrunner that spanned both administrations. Two of the main ones: Operation Wide Receiver under Bush failed; Fast and Furious under Obama failed spectacularly. Stupidly, the latter did allow guns to "walk" over the border; they did make attempts to track them; they did absolutely screw it up big time and lost the majority, but not all. Ultimately, lower officials in the ATF and other agencies were held accountable. Bottom line: although much misinformation is out there in Lie Lie Land, the trail of primary culpability did not reach all the way up to the AG's desk or to the Oval Office. Again, I'll go by the conclusions of the numerous investigations, not Granny Di's delusions. Woman Hater? My, my ...drooling again, are you?

4. Non sequitur retort. Put glasses on, Granny, to improve reading comprehension. Never indicated, ever, that it's okay to have open borders. Obama's program turned the tide; border wall is dumb, waste of taxpayer money, and won't work. Get serious: continue Obama's deporting program; increase surveillance; crack down on work and visit visa programs -- most undocumented immigrants overstay; most importantly, put employers who hire them (to bust union movements) in jail and revoke their business license -- you'll see the numbers dwindle to almost zero. BTW, no immigrants from South America ever committed any terrorist attacks, and, as a group, they commit far less crime than any other, including good ol' white Christian boys.

5. Again, no facts, only empty rhetoric and false assumptions. Professors and colleges come in all stripes. The biggest danger to education are billionaires like the Kochs who donate money to buy influence over the curriculums to push corporate, libertarian economic theories, and religious indoctrination centers passed off as "higher learning." Look in the mirror, Granny, if you want a good laugh (metaphorically).

6. Again, poor reading comprehension and false assumptions. Never said they lean to the right or support Trump. They "cover" the right more than the left, because the MSM is the right -- the corporate right -- and they only care about making money, not what is "fair and balanced."

The simple fact is that salacious news (i.e. Trump) attracts more eyeballs; ergo, more air time, more money. Not opinion; hard statistics; look it up. Also, common wisdom, historical fact: "There is no bad press" -- meaning, even negative coverage helps name recognition and allows the victim card to be played that attracts voters.

Otherwise, by your logical fallacy, he never would have been elected, because even his base would have been scared away by all his negative coverage. Why do you think he constantly hammers the press, receives cheers from his crowds, and stays in the headlines? Get real, Granny; your naivety is showing.

7. Yet again, poor reading comprehension; false assumption. Never said the violence was by "righties." Now, you're just railing against straight-up, objective reporting. Get your head out of the ass of MSM, Fox Faux News, and breathe something else besides swamp gas, you'll find the proof. Do your own damn homework.

8. Signs aren't violence. Political speech is the most protected right in the Constitution, far more than any other right. No money from the billionaires; real grassroots. Sorry, if you can't handle the truth that your sexual pervert and liar is considered a very, very unpopular so-called president by the majority of the people. Democrats, and most everyone else, are rising up spontaneously and organizing on their own volition. Unlike authoritarian followers, they don't need billionaires holding their hands ...or grabbing their pussies.

9. "Enough said" ...for small vessels that can't contain very much. Half-true, half-lie, right-wing talking points prove nothing. Romney still hiding hundreds of millions from IRS offshore and complex financial arrangements, like most unpatriotic rich bastards.

10. And, why wasn't Obama able to fill those seats? Oh, that's right -- total Republican obstructionism. Works pretty well, doesn't it? Democrats should learn to do that.

11. Agreement. Kinda.

12. Agreement. Kinda. Democratic socialism is to pure socialism like regulated capitalism is to pure capitalism. "Leftie/progressive/liberal" ..."rightie/swamp-critter/conservative are just fun labels to draw lines in the sand. Underlying issues are the real battle.

13. I'm glad you are able to laugh at my comments. :--))

You heard that for all those years because it was true. However, it was for 8 years, not 71/2 -- Republican obstructionism commenced on inauguration day, January 2009. Read Robert Drapers' "When the Tea Party Came to Town." (Earlier version: "Do Not Ask What Good We Do.") FYI: I've read some of his books and articles; he seems to be a fair and objective investigative journalist/writer -- not even sure of his political affiliation.

Conclusion: Ha, nice ego dig there, Granny! But study that mirror before you accuse others of what you do constantly (projection). Again, false assumption -- I don't try to be right about anything or be anything but what I am -- a horse with no ego, when it comes to political discourse anyway. See, it's not about who is right or wrong; it's about what is right or wrong.

It is no great revelation, obviously, that everyone see things differently according to their own particular conditioning, which derives from their own sources of information and adopted viewpoints, however limited. In politics, unfortunately, policy affects everyone, either on the left or the right. In a democracy, therefore, everyone should and needs to speak up -- forcefully, when the issues are so critical. Let the chips fall where they may.

There is certainly nothing wrong with legitimate anger; it's a great motivator. Your own comments demonstrate that quite clearly. As the old saying says, "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention!" Look around the world. In case you haven't noticed: severe climate change; wars everywhere; massive suffering; extreme wealth disparity; dwindling resources; religious hypocrisy; societal collapse. Why is that?

The inexorable movement of time and outside reality is a matter of recognition, not about how we feel might about it -- or who is right or wrong about this or that piece or part.

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deepspace 5 years 15 weeks ago

@ hgovernick:

Ooohhh ...bad choice!

The egomaniacal pathological liar and sexual pervert flat out stole one of Bernie's primary issues, the bad trade deals! Hartmann has stated repeatedly that he totally agrees with Trump on that issue -- or at least his (empty) rhetoric on the campaign trail that was designed to fool voters, much like the rest of his hollow promises -- as do the majority of Democrats in Congress.

Obviously, you don't listen to Thom and are just pulling a list of liberal pundits out of your big, right-wing ass to add a thin veneer of credibility to your hackneyed talking points. Sorry, it ain't working.

Even though Bill Clinton and Obama strayed far off the reservation, so-called "free trade" always was and still is primarily a Republican issue that most Democrats fiercely oppose. If you think your fair-haired boy will fundamentally reverse thirty years of corporate, Wall Street policy, you are even more gullible than your shallow post indicates.

Puhlease! Quit spreading sophomoric lies on this forum that don't pass the smell test ...such as, "his own party calls him a traitor because The Big Picture is on RT (Russian TV)." Whatever turds are floating around in the wing-nut swamp that you are gnawing doesn't mean that misinformed fools grinding their own axes and spitting out worthless opinions speak for the whole party. Thom retains total independent control over the content of his programming and always has, no matter who may host the platform.

News flash: RT news segments, however (not political commentary programs like Thom's), are slanted toward the Russian point of view. Why would they not be? By comparison, Fox Faux News (evidently your favorite) is way off the charts on the lie scale and is nothing but an unpatriotic, shameless, over-the-top propaganda arm for the Republican Party, which only serves the interests of rich white men. Story for story, it makes RT news look like a paragon of truth. In fact, the F*cks News captive audience is more misinformed than people who watch no news at all, according to a recent, very in-depth industry study that has been widely circulated. Look it up. Break out of your tiny pen and range out into the wider pasture.

BTW: I really doubt you were ever a Democrat. That's a very common, and not very clever, hook that trolls notoriously use when they're posting on liberal blogs or calling in on radio programs. You're not fooling anyone there, Mensa Man.

If you actually were a Democrat once upon a time and did leave the party, well, then good riddance -- the party doesn't need wishy-washy, insincere, low-information turncoats not committed to real change. The anti-worker Republican Party of Corporate America and their Liar in Chief should fit you just fine.

Now go away, Troll. Git, git -- back to your pen!

ChristopehrCurrie's picture
ChristopehrCurrie 5 years 14 weeks ago

No god but money!

The MALICIOUS DISHONESTLY of Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and their fellow Republicans in Congress has been displayed for all to see. They obviously don’t “give a damn” how many Americans they literally KILL (by denying them healthcare) in order to please their wealthy corporate sponsors. Anyone who reads the preamble to the United States Constitution and their Congressional Oath of Office can see that they can NOT recite that Oath of Office WITHOUT LYING! And they can NOT recite our Pledge of Allegiance WITHOUT LYING! They can’t even claim to be “Christians” WITHOUT LYING, because they CLEARLY “have no god but money!”

js121's picture
js121 5 years 14 weeks ago

I'll bet you that every single Kochroach Governor uses a seperate email. We believe that Snyder does, too.

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