Trump Undoing Climate Protections - The Fate Of the Planet Is At Stake

Just as global warming appears to be reaching a dangerous new phase, Donald Trump has begun dismantling what little climate protections we do have.

He's calling it a win for workers.

But who's really going to come out on top?

West Virginia miners or the coal barons who've robbed their state blind?

Yesterday Donald Trump announced a new executive order gutting President Obama's climate change legacy.

As expected, the order lifts a moratorium on federal coal leases.

It also calls for a review of the Clean Power Plan, which would have cut toxic C02 emissions by 32 percent.

Speaking at the White House, Trump portrayed this all as a big win for miners.

"I made them this promise: we will put our miners back to work... Today, I'm taking bold action to follow through on that promise. My administration is putting an end to the war on coal. We'll have clean coal -- really clean coal."

Those mining jobs are not coming back, automation and natural gas have made sure of that. All this is going to do is slightly slow down the inevitable death of the coal industry. So why are we endangering the future of the planet just to pad the pockets of a few coal barons?

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