Will Gorsuch's Ties To Billionaire Phillip Anschutz Sink His Nomination?

As the confirmation hearings begin for Trump Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch, new questions are being raised about his ties to a shadowy right-wing billionaire.

Will they sink his nomination?

Or will the oligarchs get another handpicked Supreme Court justice?

A new report in the New York Times has exposed the decades-long connection between Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and billionaire Phillip Anschutz - a trust-fund baby and oil baron who's also the owner of the Weekly Standard and a funder of the Heritage foundation.

The relationship began when Gorsuch represented Anschutz's companies in court - and continued when Anschutz personally lobbied the Bush administration to make Gorsuch a judge.

The two are still close and Gorsuch even co-owns a vacation home with two of Anschutz's top lieutenants.

The Supreme Court is already very favorable towards - some would say in the pocket of - the billionaire class. How concerned should we be about this connection between Gorsuch and Anschutz?

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