America's TV Media Crisis Goes Far Beyond Covering Trump: We Simply Aren't Hearing About the Most Pressing Issues of Our Time

America has a "lying press" problem. And it's not the "enemy of the people" situation our president has asserted.

Consider the biggest threats America faces right now.

Abrupt climate change is happening around the world as a result of our use of fossil fuels. France 24 reported on February 18 that half the population of Somalia is facing famine because of an unprecedented, climate change-driven drought that's extending across north and central Africa, while the United States is whipsawed between unprecedented weather extremes because there's 6 percent more moisture in the air than in 1950, feeding massive storms.

The list goes on from the Arctic, which was up to 50 degrees warmer than it should be this winter, to the Antarctic, where sea ice is also reaching lows not seen since humans came out of the trees.

Have you seen the story on American network news? Probably not.

Read more news that you have not heard on mainstream media - and the reasons why - here.

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