Are We Going To Have A Shutdown?

The more things change - the more they stay the same.

Just under 100 days into the Trump era, our government is once again lurching towards shutdown, and it's all because Donald Trump wants American taxpayers - not Mexico - to pay for his precious border wall.

With a bill to keep the government open due Friday night at midnight - White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is refusing to rule out the possibility of a government shutdown.

"The President has made very clear that he's got two priorities in this continuing resolution -- number one, the increase in funding for the military; and number two, for our homeland border security and the wall. But I'm not going to start to get into -- we are having a negotiation with House and Senate leadership, and to prejudge where it ends up at this point would be -- would not be prudent."

One - if not the biggest - reason the government could shut down is that Trump wants the spending bill to include funding for a border wall with Mexico, and has not said whether he would sign a spending bill that doesn't include it. So are we going to have a shutdown? And if we do, how does that not hurt Trump?

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