The Bizarre Experience of Watching Cable News in America on Earth Day

Just exactly what the hell are they afraid of? Are the fossil fuel billionaires, corporations, and lobby really so strong that they can cow entire television networks and newspapers? Not to mention politicians?

All day Saturday, Earth Day I'd been on-and-off watching CNN and MSNBC while working on a new book. And I've heard repeated dozens of times that Trump and his buddies like Scott Pruitt don't want to "sacrifice jobs" on the altar of "climate regulations."

Never once has anybody pointed out that there's another side to the story.

It's simple, but I haven't heard it spoken out loud even once, from NPR to CBS: "There are huge profits to be made in poisoning us and our Earth, and the people profiting from that have and are funding politicians, 'think tanks' and PR firms, and television networks (via advertising), to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over the decades. The people denying science are doing so because of the cash."

Why the hell won't anybody say that out loud?

Find out why here.


douglas m 6 years 5 weeks ago

There is a book called the top 5 countries to retire to.
90 percent of the population and pollution are in the northern hemisphere. Guess where these 5 countries are and who can afford to live there. People inherently care about themselves.
Society hasn't ever lost everything to know it's true value. We can't afford that lesson either.
The world will not sit up and stand together until it's strong enough
To stand against any and all threats against it.
We just are not there yet.

Riverplunge's picture
Riverplunge 6 years 5 weeks ago

Money speaks louder than sanity.

Kenluskin's picture
Kenluskin 6 years 5 weeks ago

is PAID OFF thru ADS to NOT talk about by these same CRIMINALS who are profiting by poisoning the world.

Its just that simiple.

Most of the press is BOUGHT and PAID FOR by SPECIAL INTERESTS!

Legend 6 years 5 weeks ago

The right wing trolls on this site agree with destroying earth. The 1% owned and operated mainstream media agrees with destroying earth. Fortunately Trumps New York City and Trumps home in Palm beach will be among the first affected. I live at 6500' elevation.

wmleidy's picture
wmleidy 6 years 5 weeks ago

many years ago a rascal of an economics prof woke up our early morning econ 101 class with the topic of religious wars, righteous wars and money. for the major wars in modern history he enlightened the class about the economics driving the war......follow the money. we all looked at life a little more critically after that class. and so it brings us to climate change, and that handmaiden to hell, greed.

k. allen's picture
k. allen 6 years 5 weeks ago

"Find out why here."

That link is inactive.

I think humans are being tested - who lives their conscience, who honors or betrays what truths ... it's huge. We are like the cells in our own bodies ... cells in the body of life - born to serve the health and function of whole being. We are processed according to choices we make, and growth through circumstances of our lives ... each and every one of us ....

It's huge. No one argument, or perspective covers the whole ground ... several years ago, Dems touted the meme, "jobs, jobs, jobs". Now, Repubs are mirroring that meme, like a driftnet, to snag all the true believers of blind faith, and whoever else happens to get in the way.

It really is a way of clearing the deck of all who do not serve the greater good ... so, maybe the focus needs to be more on how we, as individuals can best serve the life that carries us, like drops of water in the river ..., though we may have the power to alter the course of rivers, we do so at a cost we may not be able to pay.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 6 years 5 weeks ago

The corpse media is more about right-wing propaganda than capitalistic money making. More citizens vote for democratic candidates and thus you would think that at least half of the political coverage would slant to the left. However we know that as far as the corpse media is concerned the Democratic Party does not exist....unless it's something like Benghazi or Clinton's emails.

The climate change blackout is obvious proof of this propaganda machine, but also you'll never hear single-payer mentioned either. The Republicans deny science and hate the idea of single in point.

We are living in a Fascist State and the media is owned and operated by Fascists, plain and simple. Call it bizarre if you want......I call it the Fascist propaganda machine, with Foxaganda being the most effective part of it. It's the reason 4 out of 10 citizens still think President Bankruptcy will be good for our economy.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 6 years 5 weeks ago

Tens of thousands came out last Saturday for "March for Science" as well as for "Earth Day."

Damn! Of all the weekends to skip the three-million Mar-a-Lago golf junket and hang around the dreary White House, delegating responsibility and dodging reporters! Can't even peek out the windows without seeing big angry crowds everywhere -- sore losers! -- carrying signs and yelling about something or other.

Trying unsuccessfully to hold two big-league thoughts together at the same time longer than a few seconds is enough to make Spoiled Manboy's head explode -- not exactly a big bang.

On fun day too! Oh well, better turn on Corp TV and find out what's going on in Lie Lie land ...instead of what's right in front of Fluffy's fake-orange face!

humanitys team's picture
humanitys team 6 years 5 weeks ago

What we have to do now. Follow the Money.

We have to havea full transparent monetary system as nothing breeds appropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny .Visibility is another word for truth a famous Master teacher told us this a few Millenia ago we didn't listen ? Now we have to or its game over .

Tis is the problem ....Greed .....A manufacturing of poverty with the tools of greed that's pretty much hidden from everyone !!!!

The truth will set you free was not just a passing thought it was ment to be implemented to evolve society .

deepspace's picture
deepspace 6 years 5 weeks ago

What makes America great are bombs! Big ones, little ones, beautiful, beautiful bombs. And babies, beautiful babieees! Is that 140 characters yet? Oh yeah, fake media! Believe me, believe me...
@F*ckfaceVonClownstick # change my diaper

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 6 years 5 weeks ago

Thanks for today's Christmas gift Mr. Ed.

Possible relief for your oat bucket, better buy enough for 7-3/4 years.

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