New Republican Healthcare Plan Is So Bad That Even Republicans Don't Want It

Republicans inched closer to a deal on repealing Obamacare yesterday, as the House Freedom caucus OK'd a new version of the American Health Care Act which is actually worse than the one that couldn't pass Congress back in March.

This new version of Trumpcare is worse because it does away with the best parts of Obamacare: the part that bans insurance companies jacking up premiums on people with pre-existing conditions, and the part that requires every insurance plan to meet a minimum standard of coverage (for example, it has to cover things like hospital visits, birth control, and maternity care).

Under the new house Republican plan, states could simply opt out of those requirements.

GOP lawmakers, on the other hand, would be exempt from these changes.

In other words - they'd get to keep their current Obamacare plans with all the protections intact, while everyone else would be left with their crappy Trumpcare plans.

So it turns out that this Republican healthcare plan is so bad that even Republicans don't want to have to deal with it.

Shouldn't we just be going for single payer?

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