Are We Watching the End Of the Trump Presidency?

As the explosive allegations against Donald Trump pile up, is impeachment now a real possibility?

Even as he headed to Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip as commander-in-chief, Donald Trump couldn't escape the growing stench of scandal surrounding his administration.

Big breaking news Friday on the various investigations by the Justice Department, and presumably the FBI, of the Trump campaign and now the Trump administration itself.

The Washington Post is reporting that the feds now have a "person of interest" in their crosshairs who is a "senior White House Advisor."

Only two people, Steve Miller and Jared Kushner, have that title, and both were on Air Force One with Trump on their way to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Rod Rosenstein, the number two guy in the Justice Department and the one who, because Jeff Sessions lied under oath to congress about his contacts with Russian officials, is in charge of the investigation, is reported by McClatchy to have said that the investigation has both moved into a criminal phase, and that they're looking at charges of obstruction of justice - a cover-up - within the Trump camp.

On top of this, the New York Times is reporting that Trump himself bragged to the Russian foreign minister and the Russian ambassador that he "relieved pressure" on himself by firing James Comey, who he described to the two senior diplomats as a "nut job."

Are we watching the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency? And, if so, how might this bizarre game of thrones play out?

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