How Republicans Will Get Rich Throwing Millions of Americans off Healthcare

The GOP healthcare bill is wildly unpopular.

In fact, the latest polls show that it has an approval rating of just 21 percent.

The CBO says that 51 million Americans would be uninsured under the Republican party's so-called healthcare plan if it becomes law.

So why are Republicans so devoted to forcing it down our throats?

As Deep Throat once said, just follow the money.

Dozens of GOP lawmakers and their donors would end up filthy rich.

As the Daily Beast reports, forty Republican representatives who voted for the American Health Care Act held shares in health-care companies valued at $23 million and earned more than $2 million off those investments.... Several Republicans with key roles in passing the bill held more than $500,000 in medical company shares.

The Republican plan will raise the value of these shares because it will repeal taxes on pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies that make medical devices.

The bill also gives a $600 billion tax cut to the Republican donor class by eliminating the 4 percent tax on capital gains that funds Obamacare subsidies for working class people.

Doesn't this show what a con the Republican party is, top to bottom?


dougbacker's picture
dougbacker 7 years 3 weeks ago

Thom, thanks for the great info. I wish i had a comprehensive article on the GOP attempts to sabotage the ACA by threatening to defund the risk funds (rails) for participating insurance cos.

I see stories about Rubio's attempnto defund these but cant find the results.

patches604's picture
patches604 7 years 3 weeks ago

There are Senate and Representave democrats who also own stocks in various health related insurance companies. But am I correct in saying that none of these democrats are voting for the recent health care act?

General Detergent Insurgentcy's picture
General Deterge... 7 years 3 weeks ago

By now it should be a given that we live under the Wall Street Owned One Party System or as I like to call it: WOOPS! Unfortunately many of my fellow left leaning citizens still identify with the Democratic Wing of WOOPS. It should also be a given that the fully owned seats occupied by the baby "bulls and bears" appointed there through the power of vast sums of wealth are corrupt across 99.9% of the Washington political spectrum. Sorry this is not news. We know they all are corrupt in one way or another and the Democrats are the worst of all because they sold out to join the one party system! The Democrats are also very rich members of Congress who vote only for the good of their financial patrons who are also their sole constituents. It would be interesting to see how many Democrats own stock in health related companies - most interests probably purchased after the 2008 presidential election as they rushed into office knowing that Wall Street was about to become the proud parents of a new and improved (with respect to profits) health care industry being further and to a much greater extent subsidized by the average American taxpayer. That is the goal of our one corporate political party system - to enrich the donor class. We need to quit talking about the Washington crowd like they are a divided by an aisle crowd. They are not. Except for a few issues that serve as window dressing and click bait to lure willfully ignorant voters they all pull together while hoping they are pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes as they pick our pockets and complete the destruction of what was once at least the semblance of an indirect democracy. If one continues to believe that the Democrats represent We, The Rabble then one is sadly mistaken. Just like the Republican Wing they represent THEIR DONORS. Until we stop treating them like they are substantially different our nation shall remain their captive. We will continue clawing each others' eyes out in a collapsing economy hell bent upon the destruction of our species and most others in the looming finale of peoplekind. A species whom has arrogantly believed that it is beyond the laws of nature operating in The Universe. Even these loathsome political types know full well that they are signing the death warrants for all of humanity. They are all simply addicted to The Gawd Almighty Dollar and all of the so alleged happiness of ownership it brings them. I once knew a woman who was addicted to money, cigarettes and heroin in that order. She gave up cigarettes and heroin but could not give up her family's money. The sad part is that both cigarettes and heroin are actual physical substances and as we know The GAD is just an idea and for its most devoted players money is just a way to keep score. It always gets down to the most basic of questions: What won't someone do or not do for the right sum of money? Apparently being elected to Congress or as POTUS are the numbers one and two things to do.

Jenny Harrison's picture
Jenny Harrison 7 years 3 weeks ago

That's all fine Thom but, if the system fails and the funds start to fail too, where are all the Republicans left then. Wouldn't they lose money too. However, I'm sure they won't let it get that far. They are not likely to keep their seats if they don't do something about it. Am I looking at it too simplistically.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 7 years 3 weeks ago

Once again Wall Street grows fat at the expense of Main Street. Many will die and suffer so that a relative few can amass meaningless wealth. Has it occurred to anyone that the inflation of stock since November is nothing more than a collusive fraud that should be investigated?

The big lie that Trump will unleash the economy has given a few extremely wealthy fascists and a couple mega banks the excuse to leverage markets upwards. These same scoundrels will quickly cash in on gains all in unison and then boom, look out. It's going to be as ugly as 1929. Goodbye 401K's.

BTW: Putin is using the complete idiocy of the Teapublican Party to destroy our country. This is modern warfare and much more deadly than terrorism...wake up America.

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 7 years 3 weeks ago

What do I think? I think the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans. There is a YT video of Dianne Feinstein telling her constituents that she won't support Single Payer because it means "a complete government take-over of the medical system". She's such a piece of rubbish! And I've heard several Congressmen on YT in Town Hall meetings saying the exact same thing (Republican talking points). The Democratic Party is a train wreck of corruption; the Nevada DNC Convention and the WikiLeaks that led to the resignation of DWS as Chair of the DNC should tell us that. The answer is to vote with out feet and walk out of the Democratic Party and join/support a Third Party like the Independents or the Green Party. The DP has no will, interest, or inclination to be anything but corrupt. All you have to do is listen to Nancy Pelosi spout Republican talking points to know this. The time to abandon a sinking ship is now. I say, beat feet and get out! Do it today! The sooner people settle into a Third Party like the Greens, the faster we can get the reformation train moving down the track.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 7 years 3 weeks ago

Jenny Harrison you asked the correct question but you will never get a straight answer from the leftie/socialists. Thoms meme that the Republicans are the only ones with money invested in the market is pure BS. Union pension funds both public and private are partially invested in stocks and bonds and everybody in this country should hope that business has a positive outlook for the economy.

Historically, steep market declines last only a few months and that is not the time to panic sell or write books on how people should or should not invest their savings.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 7 years 3 weeks ago

If the parties are the same why did every democrat vote against the bill?

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 7 years 3 weeks ago

ErinRose -- What we really need is a modern democracy. We need a parliamentary form of government.

I think Teddy Roosevelt demonstrated that it is nearly impossible to have a 3rd party succeed. It seems that Thom's suggestion to get inside the party and change it is the best way. For example, Bernie came much closer to changing the party for good than Teddy did in trying the 3rd party approach. Incidentally, the economy was much worse in Teddy's time than it is now. At the end of the 19th century, 90% of the populace was below the poverty level.

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