How Republicans Will Get Rich Throwing Millions of Americans off Healthcare

The GOP healthcare bill is wildly unpopular.

In fact, the latest polls show that it has an approval rating of just 21 percent.

The CBO says that 51 million Americans would be uninsured under the Republican party's so-called healthcare plan if it becomes law.

So why are Republicans so devoted to forcing it down our throats?

As Deep Throat once said, just follow the money.

Dozens of GOP lawmakers and their donors would end up filthy rich.

As the Daily Beast reports, forty Republican representatives who voted for the American Health Care Act held shares in health-care companies valued at $23 million and earned more than $2 million off those investments.... Several Republicans with key roles in passing the bill held more than $500,000 in medical company shares.

The Republican plan will raise the value of these shares because it will repeal taxes on pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies that make medical devices.

The bill also gives a $600 billion tax cut to the Republican donor class by eliminating the 4 percent tax on capital gains that funds Obamacare subsidies for working class people.

Doesn't this show what a con the Republican party is, top to bottom?

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