Kids Are TrumpCare's Latest Victims

If signed into law, the so-called "healthcare reform" bill that passed the House last week would cause tens of millions of Americans to lose their health insurance - literally kill thousands of people - and leave thousands more in debt.

It would also gut special education.

In communities all across the country, schools depend on Medicaid to help cover the costs of special education programs.

But because the Republican healthcare bill cuts Medicaid, it puts all of those programs at risk.

This is unfortunately not a unique scenario in modern America.

Our social welfare system is woefully inadequate - especially when it comes to childcare and education.

As Republicans in Congress move to gut Obamacare, are we watching the first volleys of the next class war?


Outback 5 years 45 weeks ago

No. The first volleys of the "next class war" were fired with the Reagan tax cuts (for the wealthy) nearly forty years ago. With the Citizens United SCOTUS decision the problem has been greatly compounded. Thom, when will you admit that the Democratic Party with its Neoliberal policies has become as great an agent of the wealthy as the Republicans. It's no longer "Republican vs Democrat". It's Republicrat vs something else; hopefully the emergence of a grass roots progressive party (in the tradition of what Bernie was trying to swing the Dems toward). Drop this alegance to the Democratic Party. They are rotten to the core!

Legend 5 years 45 weeks ago

They do what they do now because they know that Americans memories are short. They are twisting it and lying. They are blaming Democrats for forcing them to do it because Obamacare was crashing. They will repeat until believed.

Side note: Comey fired by Trump today.

johnbest's picture
johnbest 5 years 45 weeks ago

If the Rejects (R) manage to saddle us with "Ryancare", and the Trump budget, we need to take action. They should be charged with premeditated murder and genocide when the first American dies for lack of health care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, Food Stamps, School Lunches, Unemployment Compensation, suicide, and any other social program that millions of Americans depend on.

I think that the AARP, Social Security Works, and every other social group needs to file a class action suit with the Supreme Court and have them press charges when the first person dies because of their depsicable actions.

They should also be charged for cutting programs for the veterans. They are threatening to privatize the VA and have already rejected programs to help veterans. Veterans should be pissed too. RESIST!'s picture
gregthrower@yah... 5 years 45 weeks ago

"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [i.e., securing inherent and inalienable rights, with powers derived from the consent of the governed], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." --Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:315

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 5 years 45 weeks ago

What do I think? I think for profit health insurance is completely insane and should have been obsolete decades ago. As usual the Teapublicans have us on defense with their make the extremely rich even richer at our expense crap.

Offense: Any Progressive Democratic Representative allowed to speak on network talk shows and or news, and very few are, he or she should inform the citizens that single-payer is on their agenda...... 2018 is fast approaching.

True populism exists in legislation like single-payer and raise the cap, both items the Teabagger/billionaire Party hate. I have no idea how in hell anyone can attach the word populism to Trump, conservatives, or any right-wing ideology.

Trump ran on lies, his past actions were all the exact opposite of his campaign rhetoric .... he was never a Jacksonian type populist, not even close.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 5 years 45 weeks ago

Putin put us in this mess, which is why we are even talking about this insane health insurance proposal. Putin knows Trump is a complete fool and that putting crazy out of control rich people in power was certain to weaken and destabilize our country.

Trump may have stopped the FBI investigation, but the CIA still has material that hopefully will be leaked by an employee/ patriot. The election was invalid plain and simple. What if Clinton had been installed by Putin? You can bet your ass she would already be in jail and a new election would have already been held.

stecoop01's picture
stecoop01 5 years 45 weeks ago

R.I.P. U.S.A.

tcluney's picture
tcluney 5 years 45 weeks ago

The Bilderberg/CFR groups are having a field day with the trump amateur hour. With Hillary, they would have met more resistance toward their overall goal, but trump has made it ridiculously easy. Soon we will have even more people dying in the streets, but it'll be ok because all the money the gov't is saving is going to create millions of jobs! Yea right. Until the partisan right can see how their party is devistating our country, our democracy will continue nose dive. The democrats and many independents have seen the reality and unifying. Only complete country unity will stop the Bilderberg/CFR agenda.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 5 years 45 weeks ago

We have yet to hear one Republican anywhere, from Washington DC to the trolls on this site, express any real concern for the tens of millions of their fellow human beings who will be priced out of coverage and lose access to lifesaving healthcare, if this deadly bill -- whatever dressed-up version -- is ultimately signed into law.

Republican bloodthirsty butchers are certainly animated and articulate when it comes to material gain though, gushing over the potential taxes saved and profits had -- money, money, money! -- but not one word about the widespread human cost in needless suffering and death.

The self-centered constituents of these backstabbing psychopaths richly deserve to feel every inch of that long knife slowly slipping in and twisting, since only their own suffering is what seems to concern them the most. Perhaps the taste of blood and the panic of self-preservation will motivate them to vote intelligently next time. (Don't count on it.)

Tens of thousands will die each year, including many of their own children, as a direct result of Republicans' selfish, cold-hearted actions. johnbest said it plainly: this is "genocide," deliberate and conscious -- a crime against humanity that should be fully prosecuted and severely punished!

...If we had a true representative democracy instead of a brutal, fascist oligarchy.

Legend 5 years 45 weeks ago

Deepspace, Any taxes saved will be immediately spent on million dollar bombs that we drop on mud huts.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 5 years 45 weeks ago

Mr. Ed: We grow tired of your suggestions for solutions to the obamacare mess. Stop with all the credible options you have offered and why not just start bitching and whining about how bad things are.

Miss GW yet?

Morning legend, while all the leftie/socialists are spreading lies and wringing their hands over a healthcare bill that will never become law, judges are being appointed and courts are being unstacked. Ain't that great?

You all can spent the day raving about Comey being finally kicked out of his job. You remember Comey, he was the guy all the leftie/socialists wanted fired after he was accused of solely being responsible for Hillary's devastating loss in 2016. You all remember Hillary, she was the gal that screwed Bernie Sanders and is now starting a super pac so she will have enough money to draw from to cover her needs now that the Clinton slush fund has to look at least partially legitimate.

Great day for America

Legend 5 years 45 weeks ago

Where do you get "we". Maybe you should use "I".

What are Trumps motives for firing Comey? Was it how he screwed up the Hillary email investigation 8 months ago? Was it the advise of the Attorney General who lied to Congress about contacts with Russia and recused himself from Russia investigations? Will the Republicans now agree to a special prosecutor or continue to put Party over Country? Tell us all knowing Diane.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 5 years 45 weeks ago


1. The leftie/socialists have to figure out if they love or hate Comey. Watching Schumer step all over his dick was a hoot. Listening to news today is is one contradiction after another.

2. Do leftie/socialists hate of love the Russians? Sarah Palin was mocked when a comedian said she could see Russia from her house... Now leftie/socialists are seeing Russia from everywhere.

3. I have no knowledge of President Trump's motives. In my opinion, Trump should have fired Comey on his first day as President of the United States.

4. Do you really believe that president Trump or the American public will never hear from Comey again? If so remove your head from your rear. The fact Comey is fired has nothing to do with what he will have to say under oath or in a private book deal. In fact, if Comey alone has knowledge that the Russians blocked every Hillary supporter from voting he could make more money in a movie deal than Obama did yesterday earning $3,260,000 for a 100 minute speech. Not bad for an out of work community organizer is it?

5. Whatever the republicans in congress do, I could care less. I only want my judges on the bench and you want President Pence and VP Paul Ryan and I am fine with that too.

So we agree at last.

Radical's picture
Radical 5 years 45 weeks ago

Thank YounDeep Space for your great comment #9 . There is amazingly something that Tom keeps saying that is absolutely untrue. Tom keeps saying that Bill Clinton ran as a progressive. He keeps mentioning the new covenant speech. That was one speech and it was an exception. It was given to try to con left-wing progressives into voying for him. At the time he was scared that Ross Perot would take away his voters. Bill Clinton ran as a right winger a " New Democrat". Go look up ythe Democratic Convention of 1992. It was a festival of right wingers corporate lobbyists and one of the main people there was ron I will Sell My Soul Brown. It was so bad that Comedy Central went to the convention to make fun of it.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 5 years 45 weeks ago

Radical. I remember those events well. Different times, different dynamics; still, your assessment of Bill Clinton is all too accurate! Although Thom generally avoids the "circular firing squad" and the relitigation of past elections, he is also quick to point out how the Democratic Leadership Council, Third Way, and other "Republican-lite," so-called "centrist" strategies have been utter disasters for the party. (They are not centrist; they are corporate-right!)

Over the decades, Wall Street money-hogs -- both of the Clintons, Obama, and so many others -- have dragged the party down into the same fascist mud in which wallows the Republican Party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate America. Yuuuge Mistake! If that is not painfully obvious to the leadership after last November, then there is no hope.

Viva la revolucion!

deepspace's picture
deepspace 5 years 45 weeks ago

Diane consults her sources and predicts the future:

DFMM's picture
DFMM 5 years 45 weeks ago

Re. Putin put us into this mess.

The Russia hacking was a factor; but the much bigger problems are domestic and have been factors long before the hacking. Our system of checks and balances have gotten weaker over time and the media which should be the last line of defense is largely infotainment, not responsible journalism. Consider that the media for YEARS allowed Trump air time to spout the birther nonsense when from the gitgo they should have said that the birthers were nuts and moved on. The media have become part of ---or complicit with--- what I call the ESSS (Echo Spin Scare Smear machine.) Not only have they been instrumental in people becoming less informed, they have been instrumental in people believing lies, rejecting facts, and in general not exercising critical thinking. The result has been that the absurd has become more and more normalized; and that has manifested for instance in going from; people voting for Bush because he's the kind of guy you could have a beer with, to Palin being a VP nominee, to Trump becoming president despite myriad transgressions that would have been deal breakers for anyone else --- Republican or Democrat. Without broken government, broken media, influence of oligarchs, etc.; the hacking would have had little to no effect; the bigger picture would have held sway. Instead we have an administration that has been palling around with dictators, crooked oligarchs, and organized criminals.

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