The Real Reason Why The Guardian Journalist Was Attacked

Was Greg Gianforte's Montana meltdown his way of admitting that the GOP's healthcare bill is a disaster in the making?

After another CBO report showed what a disaster their healthcare bill would be, Republicans are lashing out - verbally AND physically.

Call it the body slam heard 'round the world.

On Thursday night, Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte attacked Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs after he asked him a question about the GOP's disastrous healthcare plan.

Jacobs managed to record the entire bizarre incident.

"Ben Jacobs: ...the CBO score. Because you know you were waiting to make your decision about health care until you saw the bill and it just came out...

Greg Gianforte: Yeah, we'll talk to you about that later.

Ben Jacobs: Yeah, but there's not going to be time. I'm just curious.

Greg Gianforte: Okay, speak with Shane, please.


Greg Gianforte: I'm sick and tired of you guys!

Ben Jacobs: Jesus Christ!

Greg Gianforte: The last guy that came in here, you did the same thing! Get the hell out of here!

Ben Jacobs: Jesus!

Greg Gianforte: Get the hell out of here! The last guy did the same thing! You with The Guardian?

Ben Jacobs: Yes! And you just broke my glasses.

Greg Gianforte: The last guy did the same damn thing.

Ben Jacobs: You just body-slammed me and broke my glasses.

Greg Gianforte: Get the hell out of here.

Ben Jacobs: You'd like me to get the hell out of here, I'd also like to call the police. Can I get you guys' names?

Unknown male: Hey, you gotta leave.

Ben Jacobs: He just body-slammed me.

Unknown male: You gotta leave."

Not surprisingly Gianforte has now been charged with assault.

Are we finally seeing the GOP lose it over the TrumpCare?

They know they're in the wrong and it's destroying them.

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