Is Trump Normalizing Hate?

It's been 5 days - and Donald Trump has barely said a word about Friday's terrorist attack in Portland, Oregon.

Is that because the terrorist was a white nationalist and he doesn't want to offend his neo-Nazi base?

Portland terrorist Jeremy Christian had his first appearance in court yesterday.

He faces two counts of murder, as well as one count of attempted murder and intimidation.

Meanwhile, the mother of one of the two people who died in Friday's attack has written a personal letter to Donald Trump asking him to take real action against hate and Islamophobia.

He waited three days before even mentioning it, and even then only did so via his POTUS Twitter account...

"The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them."

Trump has fanned the fans of extreme Islamophobia ever since he started running for president. Doesn't he have a responsibility to really condemn this attack?


Jackie Norton's picture
Jackie Norton 7 years 3 weeks ago

I don't believe the message that was posted on Twitter was written by Trump himself; more ikely it was conceived and produced by a staff member with a conscience. Trump has created a climate in which it is perfectly acceptable to act violently toward anything or anyone that displeases you. The incident in Portland is one example, another is the Montana congressman who body-slammed a reporter for asking a perfectly legitimate question. Trump's comment? "A great win in Montana." Unbelievable!

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 7 years 3 weeks ago

I see Trump as a spoiler. He's here to shake things up and wake the country up. By the time he finishes up, this country should be so far down on its knees that no American who is warm and breathing will be able to deny that all of this NWO bunk is unacceptable. As it stands, only a fraction of our 320 million people have a clue as to what is going on. The fact that there are still staunch sHillary supporters should tell us that. It's going to have to get really bad for people to engage. Otherwise, the beer, the TV, and the sports will get top priority.

stecoop01's picture
stecoop01 7 years 3 weeks ago

Ever since Obama won the 2008 election, the racists and hate mongers have become more and more vocal; and this in turn has brought out the closeted racists and hate mongers who have also become more and more vocal; and now, with Trump in the White House, spewing racism and hateful ideas is becoming increasingly popular and, sadly, acceptable.

Note, and let me be very clear about this: I do NOT blame Obama for the hateful seed that has sprouted; I only blame his election victory. Obama's victory germinated the seed that has always been there; and now Trump, and his ilk, water and fertilize it with their s&*t.

And the rest of us are in deep doo-doo.

Outback 7 years 3 weeks ago

ErinRose: "Bread and circus" (pizza and football). Isn't that what kept ancient Rome's population in line for a time? Too bad this species is cursed with such a short memory.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 3 weeks ago

Hate is the coin of the realm in Trumpland. Why would the chest-beating alpha male, who seeks only to sow distrust and division amongst his castrated subjects, denounce his most effective weapon? On the contrary, he relishes the fruition of his life's work and basks in the turmoil and despair of emasculated fools, who have surrendered their power and kneel before His Great Egoness in cowardly subservience. Drink out of the Fux News spittoon and you too can drop your gonads like Sean Hannity and join the neutered herds of baying cattle being led to the slaughter by this cartoon king with a fake, 1950's-greaser, flaxen hairdo and an orange, spray-on tan.

Outback 7 years 3 weeks ago

Footnote, deepspace: Word on the street is that The Great Cheeto Faced Ferret Wearing Shit Gibbon paid a really great, unbelievable, fantantistic sum of money for the authentic orange formula from former Speaker John Boehner....

bernie.williams's picture
bernie.williams 7 years 3 weeks ago

"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters."
Trump on January 23, 2016.
That says a lot about Trump and his view of law and order and the value of human life.

"The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them."
A pathetic belated excuse for condemnation and not even from the "Precedent" ('sic' joke) himself.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 7 years 3 weeks ago

The killer is probably one of Bannon's disciples. Had he simply body slammed the victims, Trump would be praising him big league.

BTW: Putin is highly confident the Teapublican Party will destabilize and rip apart our country. He stands behind his strategy 100%. This is how modern warfare is conducted.

hummbaby's picture
hummbaby 7 years 3 weeks ago

Not tRUMP words--someone else wrote it. Impeachment can't come too soon!

Legend 7 years 3 weeks ago

ErinRose, Why do you not tell us what is really going on? Factless non referenced posts go in the waste can.

mdswvguy25526's picture
mdswvguy25526 7 years 3 weeks ago

Absolutely! Trump is following the AGENDA of #HATE & #Division!

What he has done for a sad minority in our Nation of those still clinging to a sad HATRED of those different from themselves is EMPOWER them to inflict their Hatred on us ALL! Where it is headed, befoe Trump, I'd have said it will pass, but if the Violence continues, its pushing people, namely we who have been proud of our Civility and Tolerant spirtis, to be pushed to an extreme. All I think every day is, Vladamir Putin is smiling today from ear to ear!

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 3 weeks ago

mdswvguy25526. Or, good ol' Uncle Vlad might be face-palming. He is no doubt gobsmacked over just how incredibly stupid his pet dog turned out to be. "Nyet, nyet, nyet, nobody can be that much of a fockink pridurok -- not even crazy Amerdican sheethead!"

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 3 weeks ago

Outback. Haha, the original orange man. At least wino and crybaby Boner had the good sense to stay drunk and shed a tear or two now and then over his political malfeasance and corporate servitude, which betrayed a wee bit of guilty conscience anyway, however inadequate. That's (slightly) more than can be said for the teetotaler Shit Gibbon and the holier-than-thou religious hypocrites on the teabagger right, who could care less about the poor and the sick -- or their inbred cousins: the gutless cowards in the dirty-money wing of the Democratic Party, who talk the talk with furrowed brows and concerned expressions then sell us out to the highest bidder when nobody is looking.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 7 years 3 weeks ago

And it's been ten days and Thom Hartmann has refused to acknowledge the Manchester bombing by an Islamic extremist.

The fact many, if not most posts by Thom drag the word Nazi into his daily blog.

Who is the one actually promoting hate radio?

Ou812's picture
Ou812 7 years 3 weeks ago

Well, hate is normalized on this Site!!! There was a time ideas were presented here. No more, only name calling, blame and attacking those who think different. I find myself visiting less and less. It's your funeral.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 3 weeks ago

Uh oh, hide the old ladies and the babies -- the trolling duo is baaaaack...!

It's been four days since Diane's previous post, in which she gleefully cheered on Gianforte body-slamming a "...classic pain in the ass 'journalist'..." and "refused to acknowledge" Christianist hypocrisy. And it's been several blogs since Hotdog Lady has refused to acknowledge any basic reality at all.

It's only been eight hours since Granny Di's last post, in which she lied about Thom (again). Both of her points are factually incorrect (again), and her conclusion is a non sequitur fallacy based on cobwebs in her mind (again).

1. If memory serves correctly, he referenced "Nazi" twice in nearly two months of blogs (hardly "many" or "most"): above, in the context of Trump's neo-nazi base; about two weeks ago, in the context of Trump promoting a Joseph Goebbels type of "Big Lie." (So "many" big lies are "most" of your fake president's crazy talk, it's easy to forget which).

2. On his radio show and The Big Picture, he has talked about Manchester (as he just did in the previous blog); although, discussions with his guests (right and left) and many of his call-in listeners usually delve deeper into the scourge of terrorism beyond the shallow, wall-to-wall, violence-pornography that is the mainstream media, especially Fux News, an addiction and a sickness of which you can't seem to get enough.

Furthermore, the phrase "[radical] Islamic extremist" is nothing but transparent, radical-Christian-extremist code (It takes one to know one.) for hating on all Muslims -- the 99 percent who are not extremists. Please don't insult everyone's intelligence further by denying this blanket bigotry that permeates Trump's white-supremacist base and oozes out of every pore of his and their skins. Even the federal courts have repeatedly, in effect, said as much vis-à-vis his infamous "Muslim ban."

BTW, Hotdog Lady, your false-equivalency argument is a lie within a lie within a lie. It's not a matter of merely "attacking those who think different[ly] [sic]." When someone dares to point out right-wing extremist hate, that is not normalizing hate; it is normalizing truth-telling. In fact, if the truth be told, flying-monkey knuckle-draggers require ridicule and shame, until they are beaten down and slink back into their fetid swamps, far away from civilized society!

Openly expressing repugnance and disgust of the wingnuts' bigoted ideology and abhorrent behavior as often as possible is the anecdote to Trump's glaring lies, deep-seated hatred, and numerous emotional pathologies, and to those of his dazed admirers. You should try it sometimes, Teach, instead of closing your own coffin lid. (Wow, talk about projection!) Go ahead, eat some crow ...and so should corporate MSM.

Thanks for visiting. Y'all come back now.

Ou812's picture
Ou812 7 years 3 weeks ago

"In fact, if the truth be told, flying-monkey knuckle-draggers require ridicule and shame, until they are beaten down and slink back into their fetid swamps, far away from civilized society!"

The above is washed up lefty code for "I love you"....I think. If I were to take it literally, it would be my ideas are not accepted, because the are different than most. And since Deepspace just took seven paragraphs to tell me that isn't true, it has to mean "I love you". I love you too Deepy :):)

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 3 weeks ago

True, kind of. The ideas (the half-baked ones anyway) that you regurgitate on this blog are no different than the ridiculous ideas programmed into the gullible minds of all the rest of the Fux News zombies living in Lie Lie Land. They are painfully accepted ... then thoroughly debunked, happily ridiculed, and completely rejected, as they should be. I love the person, not the ideas.


Legend 7 years 3 weeks ago

Kathy Griffen, an excellent comedian, had a gag of holding A fake Trumps head. The Conservative world came down on her like armageddon. Of course Fox was all over it. Trump tweeted:

"Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!"

Kathy is a comedian. Comedians make jokes. Trump was a professional businessman and actor when he claimed that the POTUS was born in Kenya and that his birth certificate was falsified. This was done on national TV many times. There is a majority of the Republican idiots that still believe this nonsense. Not just an offensive statement but a rascist statement indicating that a black man had to be born in Kenya. I am sure that this was also offensive to Obama's 2 children. Where was the right wing and Fox News during all of that. Promoting the lie.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 7 years 2 weeks ago

Kathy Griffin was a self described comedian that has turned herself into a punch line. Your version of excellent must require that one spends their time getting naked to attract any attention. Griffin makes the Kardashians look legit.

Legend 7 years 2 weeks ago

She makes more money than you ever will.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 7 years 2 weeks ago

More mindless baseless facts?

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