Trump Wants a 'Good Shutdown' in September. Seriously?

Teddy Roosevelt walked softly and carried a big stick.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is doing the exact opposite - he's walking loudly and carrying a soft stick.

So when he threatens to kill the filibuster and shut down the government, should any of us really take him seriously?

After a government spending bill failed to secure funding for his border wall and handed the Democrats a number of key victories, Donald Trump is doing what he does best.

He's getting mad online.

"The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there! We...

either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!"

On Twitter yesterday morning he called for a repeal of the filibuster - which he blamed for the way the budget bill turned out - and also said that the government "needs a good 'shutdown' in September to fix mess!"

Trump Budget director Mick Mulvaney defended the president's remarks at a press conference a few hours later.

"This is a change-agent president and he's going to change Washington, D.C. And if it takes a shutdown, then what's what it takes. But again, that's several months away from that discussion. We have a lot to do between now and then."

So it looks like Trump is trying to rally the troops after another defeat. But isn't he kind of a paper tiger at this point? Who's scared of Trump right now in Congress?


Legend 7 years 7 weeks ago

The guy is a complete wack job. On North Korea he has gone from "I am sending a very big Armada" to "it would be an honor to meet with Kim Jung Un". No one can tone him down. On a side note Jarhead Kushner failed to disclose $1 billion dollar loans and several other major items. Could happen to anyone, I forgot to report a billion dollar loan last month also. And today Congress changed the rules on overtime pay in corporations favor. I got to say that it will affect a lot of Trumps and Republican blue collar voters where it hurts the most, their wallet. Of course no Democrats voted to screw the American worker.

If you have not watched this video of Jimmy Kimmel talking about the birth of his son I suggest that you do. I had no idea that a baby born with a heart defect was a "pre-existing condition" Only Republicans could call this a "pre-existing" condition. Heartless bastards. Its on youtube and numerous other places.

Outback 7 years 6 weeks ago

"Walking loudly and carrying a soft stick"? Why Thom, are you making an offhand reference to the size of his hands?

This "dipstick" will be out of the White House within six months, mark my words.

mike marlowe 7 years 6 weeks ago

Dear Thom,

53, 000,000 voters elected this snake oil salesman. I truly wish I had something

positive to say about 45, but i honestly can't think of one iota of praise or respect

for the so called "donald". His outrageous statements and deplorable decision

making has put this country in jeopardy. I do believe his presidency is one of the

worst points in our history. I never could have imagined that we, as a nation, could

have stooped that low. Also, i have strong feelings that he may well be mentally

unhinged, because of his erratic behavior. Hillary or Bernie, where are you ?

Respectfully, Mike Marlowe

Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 7 years 6 weeks ago

Sorry! The very sad thing is that this gentleman does indeed appear to reflect the current American veiw of a competent statesman and political leader

The love of humanity and of fellow man as expressed by the founding fathers has been willfully removed from current society

Dumbing down works

bollivar 7 years 6 weeks ago

Well Thom, I have commented many times on yahoo news concering Trump's bizzar behavior and the danger it creates for our country. I believe that the more educated section of Americans believe he is in office to make money for himself, republicans and his wealthy friends. This has been demostrated in his choice for his administration and his actions, and the garbage that spews from his tweets. And of course his mouth. We as a nation must move as quickly as possible to get rid of him and his buddies that defend his insanity.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 7 years 6 weeks ago

So Trump has wet his pull-up about the filibuster after just 100 days???..LMAO.

McConnell filibustered Obama and the Democratic Party for eight years. Obama didn't go insane...he didn't even bother to fight back. Obama could have easily used the bully pulpit to inform citizens of what McConnell and the Teapublic Party were doing to us, but for some reason decided silence was better.

Obama however did get a lot of press coverage for his support of free trade/ TPP leading up to the 2016 election!!!! Oddly enough the media never associated the Teapublic Party with TPP support.

Trump on the other hand has total command of the corpse media...and manipulates it well.

DHBranski's picture
DHBranski 7 years 6 weeks ago

When it comes to who has the power, we avoid discussing what has happened since the 1980s. Republicans worked to grow and strengthen their base while Democrats did the exact opposite. The Dem voting base once consisted of the "masses" -- poor and middle class, for the common good. The Reagan Democrats of the 1980s began pulling the party to the right. In the 1990s, the Clinton wing split the Dem voting base wide base apart, and the past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent. Democrats divided and conquered themselves, making way for the hard right takeover.

DHBranski's picture
DHBranski 7 years 6 weeks ago

Bill Clinton had signed on to NAFTA, so we weren't surprised to see Hillary Clinton work hard on behalf of the TPP prior to launching her campaign. Obama was against the TPP before he was for it, claiming that it would "remove 18,000 tariffs other countries have levied on our exports."

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 6 weeks ago

Unfortunately, most of what you say about the Reagan and Clinton Democrats is true; although, I would argue that the split(s) in the base will not necessarily remain permanent. Nothing in politics is permanent other than the fact that everything changes.

People just want their politicians to do what's right by them. If one party fails to deliver, then the electorate swings to the other party the next cycle, usually every eight years, sometimes in just four or even two (as happened in the 2010 midterms).

Perhaps another way to put it is that starting with Reagan, more or less, the entire political dynamic of both establishment parties began their inexorable march to the far right, chasing after bucket loads of filthy corporate cash, thanks to the various right-wing Supreme Court rulings -- primarily Buckley v. Valeo in 1976 and Citizens United v. FEC in 2010, but also First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti in 1978, McCutcheon v. FE in 2014, and certain other corporate friendly rulings over the intervening decades -- which, in effect, legalized bribery on a scale virtually no other developed democracy would tolerate.

Traditionally, the Democrats are the party of the poor and the middle class, as you said, and the Republicans are the party of the rich, which now means the billionaires. It amazes me to no end that right-wing spin can reverse that perception so easily.

You are also correct that this is due in no small part to the disingenuous efforts of donor-money-hungry Dems, who were dumb (or depraved) enough to climb in bed with the billionaires, promoting such abominations as NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TAFTA, etc. Keep in mind, though, that originally these were all basically anti-labor, ultra-conservative, corporate/Republican-sponsored, so-called "free" trade initiatives.

There is no question that through these phony deals Republicans and their corp-Dem Bobbsey twins have already (or will have in the case of TPP and TAFTA, if they are ever passed into law in some slightly altered version under a different acronym) dealt a fatal blow to America's manufacturing base, busted up unions, and screwed American blue-collar workers until their heads fell off.

It's called moving factories and offshoring jobs in a race to the bottom and third-world status. Is Trump the Liar, the fake billionaire who has continuously screwed over his own non-union labor force, capable of convincing a Republican congress to reverse this decades-long course and forsake their genuine billionaires and benefactors? Yeah, right!

The one great thing about Trump and Republican hegemony -- the only great thing -- is that they are lurching so far to the fascist right and are so erratic (and downright scary) voters across the spectrum are genuinely alarmed and are paying attention like never before, notwithstanding the starry-eyed Trumpists who think he's their Great White Saviour.

If Democratic leadership can realize the error of their ways and fill the vacuum Republicans are leaving in their wake -- starting right efing now! -- and can successfully re-frame the issues and narratives to once again reflect the people's basic concerns, rather than the billionaire's, then the pendulum could swing back in their favor beginning as soon as 2018.

That's the hope anyway. Of course, it depends largely on breaking the corporate media sound barrier and overcoming the spin. It also depends on the distinct possibility that Generalissimo Trumpnino may soon become the war president he so transparently aspires to be. If he manages to pull off a Reichstag fire type of incident, declare martial law, stage a coup upsetting our democratic institutions, or a combination of any of the above, then all bets are off.

We live in interesting times.

gloriapower's picture
gloriapower 7 years 6 weeks ago

Well Mr. Trump why bother with a constitution? Who needs democracy? Just tell us poor folks whch gas chambor to march into.

mwalkerco's picture
mwalkerco 7 years 6 weeks ago

How about a good impeachment, that will fix the mess - and create a whole new one!

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 7 years 6 weeks ago

Why not?

Most leftie/socialists lives are spent going from one mess to another anyway.

Radical's picture
Radical 7 years 6 weeks ago

Thank You Deep Space for your great comments . you are right on the money. The only thing you left out was the Lewis Powell memo of 1971 which in essence started this one sided war.One thing about the Trump voters in the primarys which in the primarys was 16- 25%. he was allowed to win because 16 people were running. The Trump voter in the Primarysliked him because of what he sold Hate race hatred greivances resentment and bigotry. One of the Trump voters in the Primary was asked if he still supported him and he said well he hasn't done alot of the things he said he was going to do but he got rid of alot of the Mexicans. His supporters don't care if you totally ruin their lives as long as you get the group whoever they are that you hate.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 7 years 6 weeks ago


Yes, the infamous Powell memo, and its dire consequence, was perhaps the single most pivotal event that shaped the world we find ourselves in today. Thank you for bringing that up, along with your other intuitive comments, especially on how the power of hate and fear can so easily blind certain vulnerable and susceptible individuals, eroding their good judgement and critical thinking skills, along with their compassion and empathy for others.

Bigotry is the scourge of humanity, which every authoritarian and tinpot dictator thtoughout history has promoted to consolidate their power. Trump, the fake president, is no exception.

Legend 7 years 6 weeks ago

Another fact free, repetitive ("Lefty/Socialist") post from Dianereynolds, Yawn.

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