Welcome to Trump's 'Propaganda Factory'

Since election day, Donald Trump has explained his popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton by claiming that millions of people committed voter fraud and cast their ballots illegally.

This is a lie, but it's what the Nazis called a "big lie" - a lie you repeat enough times that people start believing it's true.

Big lies always serve a purpose, and for Trump and the Republicans, the big lie of voter fraud has always been a way for them to justify voter suppression.

This was proven once again today when Donald Trump announced the creation of a federal election integrity commission led by a guy Greg Palast has dubbed the Al Capone of voter suppression.

White House Spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders described this election integrity commission as follows:

"The bipartisan commission will be made up of around a dozen members, including current and former Secretaries of State, with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach serving as vice chair. It will also include individuals with knowledge and experience in elections, election management, election fraud detection, and voter integrity efforts."

She makes this commission sounds very straightforward and rational, but it's really anything but that.

Isn't this a glorified voter purge?

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