Can The Democrats Blockade TrumpCare?

With a vote on the still-secret Republican healthcare bill scheduled for sometime next week, Democrats are finally taking action to try and stop Mitch McConnell and the GOP.

But will their belated attempt at "resistance" ultimately be too little too late to save Obamacare and stop Mitch McConnell from pulling off one of the most insidious plots in American political history?

They spent years whining about how Obamacare was passed - but Republicans are are now trying to force a still secret healthcare bill through the Senate without any real debate.

After Democrats held a Monday night talkathon to protest the still secret GOP healthcare plan, Mitch McConnell said today that Republicans would provide the Senate with a "discussion draft" of their bill on Thursday.

If all goes according to schedule, that would give the Senate about a week -- a week! -- to look over the plan before voting on it.

Meanwhile, even some Republicans like Utah senator Mike Lee are starting to express frustration with how this has all been handled:

"I'd be fine, don't get me wrong, to be voting on something soon, but we should be able to see it first and we should have been able to see it weeks ago if we're going to be voting on it next week."

John McCain, Rand Paul, and Lisa Murkowski have all said similar things to what Mike Lee said.

Does this mean that the Democrats' strategy of trying to embarrass Republicans by withholding a consent is already working?

Or does it just mean that Republicans know they have to look good while screwing over the American people?

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