How Many Ways Can Trump Do Serious Harm To The Planet?

As Donald Trump gets ready to renegotiate NAFTA, is he making good on is populist campaign rhetoric - or preparing a massive corporate giveaway?

The big news in Washington, DC today is that Donald Trump is going to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Deal. So is the United States now a rogue state?

This is a big setback in the fight against global climate change - but it's not the only way Trump could do serious harm to the planet.

As his administration prepares to renegotiate the NAFTA, many experts are warning that this process could become just another corporate giveaway, with the environment getting the short straw once again.

This administration is clearly more interested in what corporations have to say than what activists have to say, so what kind leverage do we have?

What should we do to ensure that the Trump administration renegotiates NAFTA with the interests of the American public at heart?


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Jonathan Frieman 6 years 2 days ago

Thom, you and I were with a group of wise and good people 11 years ago where we addressed the issue of species extinction and how to bring that concept into mainstream awareness. At that time the understanding in the room was that we humans are an endangered species. In effect, saving the planet means saving our own skins.

So the term "harm to the planet" is rather superfluous because the planet will do just fine if, with the onslaught of climate change, we humans disappear from the earth.

That's really Trump's legacy, as well as the invite for his billion-dollar buddies to drill for oil in the Arctic.

As to what we can say, or do, all we have is keeping on what we're doing.


Jonathan Frieman
San Rafael, CA 94901
c: 415-845-1371

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stopgap 6 years 2 days ago

Trump should hence be known as DONZILLA!

Ocean Pete's picture
Ocean Pete 6 years 2 days ago

He has declared war on humanity, the planet and mankind!

Once liveaboard and climatologist

deepspace's picture
deepspace 6 years 2 days ago

At this crucial stage of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD), that unfortunate collection of sad, complacent hominids denied scientific reality in the middle of the North American continent's intellectual desert, who are enslaved by a two-party system caught in the clutches of corporate group-think brought about by an astronomical amount of wealth concentrated in the greedy little fingers of an infinitesimally tiny class of sociopathic landlords, are faced with a sobering binary decision, the most consequential in history: Do they vote for corporate, mealy-mouthed Democrats and (yawn) drag out the inevitable final collapse of civilization and life on Earth in excruciatingly painful slow motion (Sooo boooring!); or, do they vote for corporate, butt-breath Republicans and get treated to an exciting and stupendous grand finale that is quick and spectacular, like the final barrage of Fourth of July fireworks?

In the timeframe and immensity of the universe, either choice and the lives affected on this "pale blue dot" will be but a flash in the night, barely registrable and hardly noticeable. Hell, may as well choose the latter, grab some beer, some weed (Fock you, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III), and enjoy the Republican shit show!

stecoop01's picture
stecoop01 6 years 2 days ago

"Covfefe" - the name of the alien overlord who controls Trump, and is anxiously awaiting the extinction of the Human race.

Mystery solved.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 6 years 2 days ago

I wonder if Comey realizes the impact of his propaganda release now? None of this would be happening without his help. Comey has changed the entire future of human habitation on this planet. Welcome to the 21st century Dark Ages. Putin thanks Comey!

I can't help but think about all those red state trailer parks that will get totally annihilated in the unfolding Dark Ages of extreme weather. Crooked Donny is their man....he's gonna make "Merica" great again.

BTW: Putin is using Trump and the Teapublican Party like a weapon of mass economic destruction. Put your money in a safe place asap, no joke.

Randall Paul's picture
Randall Paul 6 years 2 days ago

Thom and the rest all make good points. I am one that will not entertain anything Teflon Don da Con does as serious; unless he advocates violent tax increases on the rich, eliminating tax loopholes and is for the philosophy: "All men are created equal"...all mean should have equal economics. People on SSDI cannot even afford a used vehicle. How is it that trump a teenage bully, goes on to be a bully sleazy businessman and now as a LOSER sElected by his cronie illuminati is a bully POTUS stealing childrens school lunch money? I know you guys want to talk about his NAFTA and climate change decisions...go for it. I'm all for impeaching him and all of the GOP losers. By the way marijuana is not a drug. It's an herb that freely grows out of the ground and is a gift to mankind from ALIMIGHTY GOD. Please tell trump and the rest of rich people are not getting into heaven. By hoarding wealth they prove to God....trump and rich people "Hate their neighbors". The get rich prosperity (fake) gospel is leading and sending millions to an eternal seperation from love...Jesus is GOD!

Randall Paul's picture
Randall Paul 6 years 2 days ago

The only thing trump Don da con cares about is money. Your money. He and his rich club want it all. By the way do you think Jesus would be long to Mar-A-Lago club? HELL NO! Jesus is against that sort of stuff. So if Christ is against it...trump is NOT A CHRISTIAN!

tomcalwriter1's picture
tomcalwriter1 6 years 2 days ago

Nothing. Trump doesn't listen to anyone but the Koch brothers, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, the latter two who also are Koch brother pawns.

bollivar 6 years 2 days ago

I have been thinking of most of what you have written. It is easiler to get a camel through the eye of a needle, then to get Rump and his thug GoPers into heaven. Either they have no concept of either Heaven, or hell or they believe there is sancuary in hell. I have know those with both of these beliefs. I just pray there are enough republicans that still have a concept of eternity in Heaven that will keep the others from destroying us and this planet.

May the Lord bless you.

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 6 years 2 days ago

I'm with tomcalwriter1. I don't think there is anything anyone can do. Trump does what he likes and is running America like it is his own private corporation. Also, I read an article a while back that said that when he entered office, the Deep State offered him 20 billion dollars if he would do their bidding while in office, to be paid on departure. This same article asserts that the reason Al Gore did not pursue his winning of the 2000, election is that the Deep State offered him 100 million to back off and let Dubya be POTUS. If this is the case, and the Deep State has a pattern of this behavior, then this would explain the golden parachute given Obama over a one-off book deal for 60 million that doesn't make any sense outside of this pattered framework. Nope, I think Trump is going to take this country down the garden path at lightening speed for that kind of money. The question is, how much longer are We, the People, going to go along with this total destruction of living and life on planet Earth? No one is going to save us except ourselves.

changeX's picture
changeX 6 years 2 days ago

Mayor Peduto slams Trump for using Pittsburgh in anti-Paris accord speech.
Trump “didn’t come anywhere close to winning Pittsburgh,” Peduto told reporters.

He followed up a few minutes later: “As the Mayor of Pittsburgh, I can assure you that we will follow the guidelines of the Paris Agreement for our people, our economy & future.” As of 5 p.m., that remark had been retweeted 29,000 times.

Legend 6 years 2 days ago

If you live and work overseas for years as I did, you realize how out of touch this country is with the rest of the world. We are about the only country that does not use the metric system. A by far better system to work with. If you do not believe me I challenge you to explain our system to a citizen of another country. Countries do not want our manufactured mechanical goods because they need a complete different set of tools to work on it. Trump used Celsius in his speech. "A tiny, tiny amount". He used Celsius because it sounded less than Fahrenheit and 90% of Americans have no idea what he was talking about. Just using a printer in another country becomes a challenge because we are the only country that uses 8.5" x 11". Every other country uses A4. Thus when they send you a contract it is formatted to print in A4. I will not get into how prudish we are compared to other countries. Or how other countrys build infrastructure for the people and not the 1%. We are not a leading country, we are losers living in the past.

Legend 6 years 2 days ago

The best thing that will come of this, is Mar-a-Lago will be one of the first to go under.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 6 years 1 day ago

A tribute to Drc2

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Ou812's picture
Ou812 6 years 1 day ago

Legend: @14

I guess you never took middle school science. Let me give you an experiment to do.

1. Find a drinking glass.

2. Fill the glass completely with ice.

3. Fill the glass with the ice to the very top with water. Do not leave any space at all.

4. Set the glass somewhere and allow all the ice to melt.

5. How much water do you believe the melting ice will produce?

A. Twice, the volume of the glass.

B. The volume of the glass

C. 1/2 the volume of the glass.

D. None, the glass will not overflow.

The correct answer is D. Water volume in the glass will remain the same, the glass will not overflow. Melting ice does not create more water.

Science is fun, don't you wish you could go back and finish middle school. :)

Edward Dodson's picture
Edward Dodson 6 years 1 day ago

The main problem with NAFTA is that it was implemented with a structure of property law and taxation that has protected landed (i.e., rentier) interests from the very beginning. One of the best cases for what would be REAL free and fair trade was writtein in the late 19th century by the American political economist Henry George. His book, "Protection or Free Trade," was read into the Congressional Record by several members of the U.S. House of Representatives and millions of copies were then mailed to constituents. The most important chapter in this book is the final chapter, in which Henry George warns that reductions in restrictions on trade will very quickly be capitalized into higher land rents (and higher land costs for producers of goods and services). To counter the accelerating redistribution of income and wealth from producers to non-producing "rentier" interests, George called for an annual tax on landholdings equal to the potential annual rental value of the land held.

The same tax policy should also apply to government-granted assets, such as licenses to control part of the broadcast spectrum, to paths awarded to private entities for the circumnavigation of satellites around the planet, to take-off and landing slots at airports, to leases issued for the extraction of all natural resources, and all competition-limiting licences (e.g., liquor licenses and taxi medallions).

Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A.


School of Cooperative Individualism

deepspace's picture
deepspace 6 years 1 day ago

...And, yes, children, believe it or not, the Hotdog Lady will be your substitute teacher for the day. Don't bother taking notes, but try to be polite and pretend to pay attention. Her towering genius is only limited by an amazing inability to grasp the simplest concepts of her subject matter. (Someone sure needs to finish middle school, but it certainly is not Legend.)

My god! Does this really need 'splaining? Ok, briefly: the Arctic ice is "sea ice" that floats on water like the sub-teach's ice cube in the glass; however, countless billions upon billions of metric tons of the planet's ice (factored in gigatonnes) -- in the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets, the glaciers, and the ice caps -- sits on land. Global warming is melting all of Earth's ice at a truly alarming rate.

Using sub-teach's little middle-school, overly simplistic experiment (more like a preschooler's -- par for her course) as an illustration: place the glass of water with the ice cube in the sink (otherwise mom will get pissed); grab an ice-cube tray from the freezer; now dump it all into the glass. Conclusion: Mar-a-Lago will flood out and hopefully circle down the drain along with the bloated ignoramus who owns it. See, real science is fun too, kids! (Evidently, Imus in the Morning -- one of the sub-teach's go-to sources -- is a piss-poor educator also.)

...And, as a bonus, the class will also be entertained by Hotdog Lady's intellectual equal. Please notice the dates of Granny Di's articles, which she magnanimously shared with us lesser intellects. Sadly, it seems that she is stuck in the 70's in her 30's. Ah, those bygone days in the prime of life! Such clear and vivid memories long ago yet so real; it seems just like yesterday. Now, even breakfast this morning is lost in a jumble of disconnected thoughts struggling for cognizance.

Alas, it's time to clear out the cobwebs and let the past go. Peruse the IPCC website and its links to enlighten yourself with actual scientific data, updated to reflect ongoing reality. Your great, great grandchildren and their children's children will appreciate your generation's timely epiphany, as will all the magnificent creatures in the grand circle of life, which are equally threatened by the mental incapacity of wingnut whackjobs and their feckless leader.

It never ceases to amaze the stubbornness of narrow-minded ideologues who try to conform outside reality to fit their inner delusions despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. For instance, why would someone adamantly refuse to believe the nearly unanimous conclusions of all the voluminous, in-depth, peer-reviewed studies from 99 percent of the world's leading experts on anthropogenic climate disruption, but then take as gospel truth the scattered, outdated articles based on incomplete information or the random musings of the one percent crackpots, charlatans, and paid shills for the fossil fuel industry, who are all shamelessly pushing their own obviously suspect agendas?

The past determines the present and the present determines the future, which means the action we take this very moment is all that matters.

Legend 6 years 1 day ago

Ou812, who claims to be a teacher in Maryland. Greenland is a land mass that the average thickness of the ice is 7005 feet. If the entire 2,850,000 cubic kilometres (684,000 cu mi) of ice were to melt, it would lead to a global sea level rise of 7.2 m (24 ft). Not to mention Antarctica and its land mass. I learned that in grade school. What do you teach to your students? At least Mar-a-Lago will be first in line. I live at 6400 ft elevation.

Ou812's picture
Ou812 6 years 1 day ago

Deepspace @18

I realize you're not real bright. I'll try real hard to make you understand what Diane is saying. Back in the 70's, you lefties (you weren't washed up yet, that didn't happen until this century) were trying to convince the world and ice age was eminent. That didn't happen. Next came global warming, we weren't going to see the new century. That didn't happen. Now, that you are washed up, and running out of options, the new doomsday day scenario is climate change. I guess you are trying to cover all the bases. If the temperature goes up---climate change, if it goes down---- climate change. What's next, come on tell me, I'm dying to know

Legend 6 years 1 day ago

Climate Science is relatively new in the science world. The 70's is about when the computer truly took off and allowed true computation. You might want to look at this site before the POTUS has it removed:

deepspace's picture
deepspace 6 years 1 day ago

LMAO! Stupidity defining non-stupidity! Ou812 and Diane are about as hard to understand as toilet paper and much less useful. As usual, Hotdog Lady missed the salient point entirely -- whoosh, right over Michele Bachmann's pretty little pinhead, sucking the big one.

Don't flatter yourself, ice-cube-in-a glass sub-teach, I know exactly what ol' Granny was trying to communicate nonverbally through the fog of her addled mind. She is such a sarcastic little biddy, neither clever nor subtle. We've all heard that sophomoric meme a thousand times from climate deniers: "Snort, first 'they' say the Earth is cooling, then 'they' say it's warming ...and, well, golly gee willikers, there's yer proof right thar that it's all a pile of hooey from those gaddamn libruls!"

Again, I'll repeat the one and only logical response using simpler words this time, in an attempt (no doubt futile) to slice through the thick fog of willful ignorance: Why would any sane person, possessing even an inkling of common sense and the most basic ability to calculate mathematical odds, readily believe the one percent and not the 99 percent? "Does not compute, Will Rogers!"

The one percent includes the disseminators (left or right) of incomplete information, half-baked theories, and wild speculations derived from random, outdated, out-of-context, second-hand articles, splashy MSM news bulletins, and/or other highly questionable sources -- whether it's the gullible (left or right) who may have once believed in imminent global cooling and a new ice age or the gullible (left or right) who may still deny the seriousness of this current and unique period of human-caused global warming, which is already triggered by our relatively rapid release of carbon into the atmosphere, and which will subsequently trigger the rapid release of methane that is much worse than carbon by magnitudes.

The 99 percent includes the highly educated, dedicated, and disciplined scientists who are experienced experts in their respective fields related to climate change, and who have been for decades (and still are -- scientific research is an ongoing process of discovery) methodically and meticulously building up a large body of irrefutable hard evidence that clearly indicates a radical increase in the mean temperature that will lead to dire consequences for all life on Earth, unless humans quit belching out copious amounts of carbon as soon as possible before the tipping point of no return.

The debate is over ...except on Fux News and other wing-nut outlets, wearing their heavy blinders and hopelessly committed to the cartoonish science fiction of their ideological positions. Beyond the politics, it's an issue that is neither liberal nor conservative, nor any other flavor of rhetorical posturing; it's just the outside reality of how the laws of physics dictate climate change, independent of what clueless lay people, or less-disciplined researchers and conspiracy theorists, may or may not think about it. So, who ya gonna believe? Put it on a scale: one percent against 99 percent. Mmmm... taking odds, anyone?

Puh-lease! No serious climate scientists ever tried "to convince the world and [sic] ice age was eminent [sic again]" or that "we weren't going to see the new century." WTF is wrong with you?! For Chrissake, listen to yourself! Quit arguing ignorant, right-wing talking points and educate your dumbass at the IPCC website. You're supposed to be a teacher (Ha!), and you don't even comprehend geological timeframes and tipping points?! Seriously, sub-teach, it is way past the time for you to put down the chalk and retire to the happy farm. "Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!"

Don't even bother responding. There is no need to further expound upon your fake thesis and false narrative; we all get it. You and Granny and all your fellow Fux News trash compactors are convinced that science is a vast liberal conspiracy to destroy capitalism and befuddle the masses with that insidious germ of evil socialism, and you two are here to enlighten the uneducated with esoteric knowledge gleaned from Wall Street billionaires and fossil-fuel-industry propagandists. "...washed up lefties; leftie/socialists; washed up lefties; leftie/socialists; washed up lefties; leftie/socialists; na nah na nah na nah nuh..."

You say that you are disappointed that people don't want to exchange ideas and don't respect your different perspective. Aw, you poor little snowflake. Get real! When the stakes are so damn high, ideas must have merit. Denying the science of global warming is not a legitimate stance; it is pure lunacy. So, nope, not up for discussion. We're done here.

Legend 6 years 1 day ago

Compare Dianes link in post 15 to mine in post 21. The right obviously does not care about its sources, a retired TV weatherman vs NASA. It just has to back their agenda. The right likes Fox News and Rush Limbaugh even if both are known source of lies (politifact). They both say what they want to hear and it is comforting to them. It does not matter if it is lies, comfort is more important,

You would think that OU812 would be embarrassed about posts such as #16. How many times can you be put down without an ounce of effort. Are you really a teacher OU812?

Ou812's picture
Ou812 6 years 1 day ago

On display here is the one of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected President. The condescending, arrogant attitudes, the I'm smarter than you, the name calling, the unwillingness to even listen to anyone with a different opinion. Deepspace summed it up with "So, nope, not up for discussion. We're done here". Wrong Ryan, the washed up lefties may be done, but those of us who elected Donald Trump President have only just begun.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 6 years 20 hours ago

When the leftie/socialists want their way no greater words were ever spoken then "the debate is over"

I never knew so many words could come out of a geldings rear end.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 6 years 20 hours ago

LMAO again! Such fragile snowflakes!

The arrogance of ignorance is your department, ice-cube-in-a-glass lady/Granny, and it is on full display in this thread. Go back and read your own empty words, circular logic, condescending attitude, and paucity of thought before lashing out, thou hypocrites. You and your like-minded Trump troglodytes constantly name-call, insult, and lie to all who disagree. In fact, those are "crooked" Donnie's only leadership qualities, and he sucks at it. So do you.

Superficial schoolyard bullies usually can't take it when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine. You just proved it, yet again, sub-teach/Granny.

Willful ignorance is arrogance on steroids -- the stubborn refusal to listen to reason, to laughably elevate one's IQ above nearly everyone else in the world, and to utterly and repeatedly fail to defend untenable positions despite all evidence to the contrary, which is Einstein's definition of insanity.

Anyway, climate science is not about attitude and opinion, or all that other psycho-subjective ego-mumbo-jumbo in which you and Diane love to wallow. It's about discovering facts. Go back and finish middle school, as you so condescendingly "advised" Legend to do. This time, pay closer attention to your science teacher; you might actually learn something, you "washed-up rightie."

In the serious, non-partisan, scientific community of adults and real teachers, the debate is over about whether or not the planet is, in fact, experiencing the beginning stages leading up to a no-going-back "tipping point" of a geologically historic, severe, human-induced, global-warming trend. The leading-edge question now is whether or not humans can somehow muster the collective will (which, at this point, is primarily an international, all-hands-on-deck, political leadership problem) to reverse our inexorable march on this catastrophic path before time runs out and we pass the tipping point -- or, at the very least, try to work together to mitigate the most dire consequences of today's failure to address the root cause, which will ensure that very dark future, about which scientists are loudly tolling the bell.

Can you not see the monumental absurdity and utter foolishness of Trump's decision to pull the plug on the nascent multinational climate agreements, especially since the United States is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and the most influential world power? Can you not see how meaningless and useless the polemic contrariness of mere opinion is in the face of overwhelming evidence of humankind's paramount dilemma? If you cannot or will not open your eyes to objective reality, then we are truly done here, and it is absolutely the end of any further discussion of the matter.

This is not about you and me individually or one's level of intelligence. But if you doggedly continue to refuse to recognize the simple and obvious truth laid out in front of you, and every other living being on Earth, beyond one's subjective opinions and attitudes, then what is the point of dialogue? It would be, and is, a classic exercise in futility, a total waste of time and energy, better spent educating oneself.

Peel away the layers of the onion, and there at the center is the primary cause of global warming: the human mind -- your mind!

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 6 years 5 min ago

Proof that dangling a carrot hung from a stick in front of a stuborn donkey will make the cart move ever so slowly forward.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 5 years 52 weeks ago

Proof that the debate is over. Except in DianeyWorld, as her mind argues with itself. 8-P

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