How Many Ways Can Trump Do Serious Harm To The Planet?

As Donald Trump gets ready to renegotiate NAFTA, is he making good on is populist campaign rhetoric - or preparing a massive corporate giveaway?

The big news in Washington, DC today is that Donald Trump is going to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Deal. So is the United States now a rogue state?

This is a big setback in the fight against global climate change - but it's not the only way Trump could do serious harm to the planet.

As his administration prepares to renegotiate the NAFTA, many experts are warning that this process could become just another corporate giveaway, with the environment getting the short straw once again.

This administration is clearly more interested in what corporations have to say than what activists have to say, so what kind leverage do we have?

What should we do to ensure that the Trump administration renegotiates NAFTA with the interests of the American public at heart?

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